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Warhaven: Arms Race Mode Guide



Warhaven: Arms Race Mode

The launch of Warhaven includes 5 different modes in which teams of two containing either 12 or 6 players on each side will face each other on various maps. Each mode has its set of winning rules that players must consider accomplishing to stand out as the winning team. One of the new modes that made its debut at the launch of Warhaven is Arms Race.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you everything that you need to know about Arms Race Mode in Warhaven.

Arms Race Mode Rules

Arms Race is a 12 v 12 players teams of 2 mode in Warhaven which requires players to bring the War Machine to the opponent’s team base to destroy the giant statues. Whichever team destroys the statues first within the time limit wins the match. However, if both teams cannot destroy the statues within the time limit, the match will go to overtime and as the overtime ends, the team with the most progression with the War Machine wins the match.

Now, there are a few things that players should keep in mind to take control of the map and push the War Machine to the enemy’s base. There are two Footholds in Arms Race Mode that players can capture to take control of the machines which then can be used to take out enemies on the map from the overview so, it is a great way to take control of the match. You can get to the Foothold by using the Glider at the start of the match as well as every time you respawn.

The War Machine spawns in the middle of the map so, both teams have to fight each other to take control of the War Machine and push it to the opponent’s base.

Arms Race Mode Maps

All the modes in Warhaven can only be played on their respective maps and the map available for Arms Race mode is only Hwara.

As the game is still in Early Access, the Devs might add more maps in the future for the Arms Race mode.

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