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Warhaven: How to Equip Perks



Warhave: Equip perk

There are 6 different soldier types from which players can choose their preferred soldier for the battlefield. Every soldier has a unique weapon and set of abilities that players can use to tackle the enemy’s soldiers on the battlefield. However, all the soldiers have base stats until they equip respective perks for those soldiers to gain bonus stats that enhance certain abilities of the soldiers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to equip perks in Warhaven.

How to Equip Perks in Warhaven

The perks can be unlocked for each soldier’s certain abilities by playing and winning the matches with that soldier. Players will have to select the soldier either from the main menu or by pressing the P button before the match starts. Whichever soldier that players select, they will gain XP for that soldier individually and for the account at the end of the match. Reaching a new account level and increasing the soldier level will grant new perks for that soldier that players can equip by the following steps.

  • Finish the match and go to the main menu of the game.
  • Select the Barracks Tab from the main menu.
  • Select the character for which you want to equip the perk. If a soldier has a new perk unlocked, the Perk section will have a glowing sign on it.
  • Select the perk section and then select the perk itself.
  • Press the Spacebar key to unlock the perk for a certain number of Perk Points.
  • Press the Spacebar key again to equip the perk or go into the respective category of the perk to equip it.

Keep in mind that each ability can only have 1 perk active at a time so, if you have more than 1 perk available for a certain ability, select the one you think best for your gameplay.

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