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Warhaven: Reclamation Mode Guide



Warhaven: Reclamation Mode

The launch of Warhaven includes 5 different modes in which teams of two containing either 12 or 6 players on each side will face each other on various maps. Each mode has its set of winning rules that players must consider accomplishing to stand out as the winning team. One of the new modes that made its debut at the launch of Warhaven is Reclamation.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you everything that you need to know about Reclamation Mode in Warhaven.

Reclamation Mode Rules

Reclamation is a 6 v 6 players teams of 2 mode in Warhaven which requires players to score 2 points first by bringing the Divine Stone back to the base and placing it inside the ally Foothold within the time limit to win the match. If the time runs out, an overtime will start and at the end of the overtime, the team with the highest points will win the match.

The Divine Stone or Scattershot spawns in the middle of the map which all players should rush to and try to capture first. The capturer of the Divine Stone or Scattershot will be slowed down and will be unable to use its weapon or any abilities. To use the weapon or abilities, the capturer must let go of the Divine Stone. It is crucial for the rest of the team to defend and escort the capturer back to the Foothold safely.

However, the Divine Stone cannot be placed at the Foothold if the enemies are inside the vicinity of the Foothold so, players should first take care of the nearby enemies and then let the capturer place the Divine Stone to earn a point.

Reclamation Mode Maps

All the modes in Warhaven can only be played on their respective maps and the maps available for Reclamation mode are the following.

  • Podden
  • Hwara

As the Podden and Hwara are the only small maps in Warhaven yet, they are perfect for this mode.

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