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We Were Here Forever: Sitting Everyone Down Church Puzzle



We Were Here Forever: Sitting Everyone Down Church Puzzle

The Sitting Everyone Down will be the second puzzle of chapter 2 and you’ll be able to get to this puzzle location by going through the Big Owl statue and stepping into the Confession Booth. Both of the players will step into the Confession Booth and wait for some time to open the door ahead to the puzzle area.

In this guide, we tell you how to solve the Sitting Everyone Down puzzle.

How to Solve Sitting Everyone Down Puzzle

You’ll get into a strange church in which there’ll be emptied seats in the middle and the seats are allocated by some symbols. There’ll be a quotation written in neon light that says “Music will Guide You Home”. This line can be found in multiple places. There’ll be a lift in the church that can take you to the second floor but the other person has to rotate the lever to lift up the lift.

There’ll be a locked room on the bottom floor but it can be opened from the second floor so, the person who has gone up needs to go to the other side of the lift and enter a room. There’ll be a lever in front as the player enters the room. The room would have some symbols and different hats and wigs on mannequins which shows from which symbol or house they belong.

After pulling the lever, the closed door on the lower floor will open and the other player will find a lot of puppet bodies with different types of hats and wigs on. There’ll also be books in the room that’ll list some rules for the sitting of the puppets.

Code of Conduct: “Men and Women cannot sit in the same bench!”

We need ears everywhere: “NEVER sit behind or in front of another resistance member!”

We Were Here Forever: Sitting Everyone Down Church Puzzle

Now the player on the second floor has to communicate the symbols and what types of hats and wigs that symbols can wear. The player down has to look for a suitable puppet and place it on the correct symbol. Once all the puppets are correctly on their seats, a steel-like thing will lift up from the back of the seat and then fall down again. It would happen for quite a while so, just hang tight.

We Were Here Forever: Sitting Everyone Down Church Puzzle

After that, there’ll be a loud thud and sounds like a door opened somewhere. A door for the player in the above will come forward.

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