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You Will Die Here Tonight: How to Break Enemy Grabs & Use Melee Attacks



You will die here tonight: break grabs

Survival plays a crucial role in You Will Die Here Tonight as each elite member of ARIES has a certain role that you need to accomplish before ending up dying and restarting the whole missing from the start. Deaths of elite members of ARIES can be due to fighting against zombies, infection, or even a betrayal from another elite member of ARIES. Whichever the case, you must accomplish the task in their areas of spawn before dying and breaking the enemy grabs, and using the Melee Attacks can help you increase the chances of survival.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to break enemy grabs and use melee attacks in You Will Die Here Tonight.

How to Break Enemy Grabs in You Will Die Here Tonight

Throughout your horror endeavor in Breckenridge mansion, you will encounter zombies who will lunge toward you to get a bite of you to infect you. To prevent from getting bitten by the zombies, you must break their grab. To break the enemy grabs, go into combat mode and when the enemy grabs you, mash the Spacebar key to push them back allowing you to shoot the enemy to death.

The regular zombie enemies die easily from 2 – 3 bullets but if you are encountering a boss, things will get difficult as the bosses have their health bars and don’t go down easily. They grab often than normal enemies which increases your cardio and slows down the break gauge meter requiring you to mash the spacebar key more swiftly to break the grab attack before they bite you.

The best way to avoid the increment of your cardio is to exit from combat mode, get into a safe distance from the enemies, and then enter combat mode to shoot them.

How to Use Melee Attacks in You Will Die Here Tonight

Melee Attacks can be used during combat mode by holding the Spacebar key and pressing the LMB. There are several melee weapons that you will be able to find via exploration and some of the weapons can deal more damage than regular bare hands.

However, melee attacks don’t have much impact on enemies as it takes a few strikes before the enemy goes down and there is a slight chance that you end up getting bitten by the enemies initiating the timer for infection.

It is recommended to run away from the enemies when you don’t have any weapon or are out of ammo to increase your survival.

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