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You Will Die Here Tonight: Where to Find the Tactical Field Knife



You will die here tonight: Tactical Field Knife

There are four different kinds of weapons that each ARIES soldier can hold in their equipment. It includes 3 guns and 1 melee weapon. If a character does not have any melee weapon, they will use their fists as the melee attacks that do not deal any great damage. However, players can get a useful melee weapon early in the game to increase their survival chances even if they run out of bullets.

In this guide, we’ll go over where to find the Tactical Field Knife in You Will Die Here Tonight.

Where to Find the Tactical Field Knife in You Will Die Here Tonight

The Tactical Field Knife is located inside the Prison area beneath the Mansion. To get the knife, you must first reach the Secret Area by solving the Library Puzzle and completing the introductory part of the game. After reaching the Secret Area, you will get to play as Katherine Olsson and explore the area around the secret area. Make your way to the northwest side of the secret area where you will get to defeat two of the zombies in a darker area.

If you manage to survive, you will be able to go ahead but if you die, you will get to start the game from the ARIES office again and enter the mansion. However, this time, it will skip Ashley sequence and you will get to start again with Katherine in the Secret Room. Now, make your way to the northwest side again and defeat the zombie to go ahead. Interact with a hole to drop down to the prison area.

Make your way ahead in the prison area to come across a barrel near the lever. The Tactical Field Knife will be placed on top of the barrel. Interact with the barrel to loot the knife and equip it to the melee weapon slot.

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