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You Will Die Here Tonight: How to Initiate Combat Mode



You will die here tonight: combat mode

Finding your way out of Breckenridge Estate is a treacherous endeavor as you will run into several zombies along the way stopping you and most probably infecting you. The best way to deal with the zombies is to kill them so, that you don’t have to run into them again as the escape path is not as simple as it sounds and you might have to run around a place several times before you discover a new area in the mansion. As the game takes inspiration from the old Resident Evil games, you have to enter combat mode to use your weapons to kill the zombies.

Here’s how you can go into combat mode to use your weapons in You Will Die Here Tonight.

How to Initiate Combat Mode in You Will Die Here Tonight

Entering combat mode in You Will Die Here Tonight can be done by holding the RMB (Right-Mouse-Button) and pressing the LMB (Left-Mouse-Button). It will take you into the First-Person perspective allowing you to shoot or strike zombies depending on the type of weapon you are equipping.

The character you are currently controlling will go into combat mode looking in a direction you were looking at before initiating combat mode. You must look in the direction of danger before entering combat mode as combat mode only shows the forward view. If the enemies are behind you, you will most probably die by taking hits from behind so, make sure to position yourself by using the movement keys (W, A, S, and D) and holding the RMB.

Moving the mouse while holding the RMB will allow your character to rotate while standing in a still position making it easier for you to aim toward enemies. Once you have dealt with the danger, hold the Left Shift button to exit from combat mode and continue to find the exit.

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