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You Will Die Here Tonight: How to Solve the Library Puzzle, All Books Locations



You will die here tonight: Library Puzzle

Escaping from the Breckenridge mansion will require you to solve several puzzles to make progress in unlocking more areas around the mansion. One of the earliest main puzzles that you will have to solve is the Library Puzzle which requires you to place 3 missing books in the correct section to unlock the entrance to the secret area.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to solve the library puzzle in You Will Die Here Tonight.

How to Solve Library Puzzle in You Will Die Here Tonight

Solving the Library Puzzle will require you to obtain three different colored books each representing a certain topic and place them in the correct sections related to the topic. However, you must first obtain all three books and find the library itself in the mansion to solve the puzzle.

  • Red Clover Book (History): The Red Clover Book can be obtained from Monroe’s body located in the hallway next to the dining room. Interact with Monroe’s body to loot the Red Clover Book.
  • Blue Abyss Book (Science): The Blue Abyss Book is found on the table inside Grandfather’s room beside the Library.
  • Yellow Lotus Book (Philosophy): The Yellow Lotus Book is found inside the old rusty chest in the storage room. The storage room is located north of Grandfather’s room where you found the blue book.

Once you have all the required books, make your way to the library and place the books in the correct sections of the library.

  • Place the Blue Abyss Book in Section 500.
  • Place the Red Clover Book in Section 900.
  • Place the Yellow Lotus Book in Section 100.

Placing the books in the correct section will open the entrance to the secret area inside the library allowing you to progress ahead.

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