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As Dusk Falls: Chapter 2 – All Crossroads Choices



As Dusk Falls: Chapter 2 – All Crossroads Choices

As Dusk Falls is a story game in which the players have to make choices and the choices will build or alter the story of the game. Not all choices are great so, players will have to choose a choice with a steady mind to keep every important person safe in the story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the Crossroads Choices of chapter 2.

Chapter 2 – Crossroads Choices

In chapter 2, Vince’s family is been taken hostage by Holt’s Family. Vince will try to contact Sheriff Dante but Tyler will catch Vince and lock him in the back room of the Motel. Vince will find his daughter Zoe and try to free other members of his family.

As Vince is freeing his family, police will raid the Motel and there’ll be a shootout inside the Motel between the Police and Holt’s family. You’ll get the first Crossroad Choice of the chapter. You’ll get the two following choices.

1- Run For it

Vince and all of his family members will run to the main door of the Motel but Michelle will get shot. The Police will fall back.

2- Stay Hidden

Vince and all of his family members will stay hidden and one of the police officers will get shot and the police will fall back.

After that, Vince will take the bullet out from Michelle’s body and then he’ll remember an old memory. He’ll remember that his wife has an affair with a guy named Bruce and when Vince confronts Michelle, she’ll try to tell Vince that she was just busy with her job and that nothing has happened between them. After these dialogues, Vince will get a Crossroad choice. You’ll get the two following chapters.

1- Okay, I’m Sorry

Vince will believe Michelle and the story continues.

2- No, there’s more to this…

Vince will not believe Michelle and Michelle will tell the truth about her affair with Bruce.

After the memory, the story will continue from the Motel and the police will tell Holt’s family to send one hostage out of the Motel safely. Vince will get the Crossroad option in which he has to choose from two persons.

1- Send Michelle

Vince will send Michelle as she has been shot and needs medical assistance.

2- Send Zoe

Vince will send Zoe as she has been scared too much and to get her to a safe place.

If you have chosen to send Michelle, then while you are sending her off, she will ask for your forgiveness for cheating on you. You’ll get a crossroad choice and you have to choose from the following two options.

1- Of Course

Vince will forgive Michelle.

2- Not Sure

Vince will tell Michelle that it is not easy and we’ll talk about it later.

After that, at the end of the chapter, Dale will take Vince as a shield and go outside to talk with Dante. Dante will tell Dale to give back the book that they stole but Dale will have not any idea about the book and then Vince will spot a sniper on a water tower and Vince will get a Crossroad choice. You’ll get the following two choices.

1- Don’t Warn

Vince will not warn Dale about the sniper and Dale gets shot in the head and die.

2- Warn Dale

Vince will warn Dale about the sniper and both of them will get back to the Motel safely.

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