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Battlefield 2042: How to heal and revive a teammate



Battlefield 2042: How to heal and revive a teammate

At the start of each game in Battlefield 2042, both teams are assigned a limited number of tickets. These determine who will be the winner at the end of the game, the objective being to put the enemy’s counter to zero.

And since respawning means using a ticket for your team, it will quickly be valuable to heal your teammates rather than letting them die over and over on the battlefield.

Heal yourself and revive others in Battlefield 2042

If you get hit, do not hesitate to take direct cover if possible in order to take advantage of the automatic healing system. The regeneration time will take a few moments, requiring you not to get hit at all.

Getting into a nearby vehicle is a good solution if possible because the vehicle will take the damage for you (Tanks and armored transports). Be careful that other vehicles with windows leave you vulnerable to bullets.

In addition to the automatic healing of your soldier, it is possible to place medical crates on the ground for yourself but also for others. This medical gadget works in the same way as automatic healing, that is to say, that it will be necessary not to make you touch in order to regain your precious points of life.

It is always better to have a specialist “doctor” by your side because this one can use a syrette gun for himself or from a distance while aiming at a teammate. Be careful that if you miss your target in the surrounding chaos, the syringe remains on the ground and will be usable by the allies but also by your enemies.

Regarding resuscitation, it is possible for everyone to place themselves on a teammate on the ground and to raise him by means of a small cooldown, which can be dangerous in the middle of a conflict. So be careful that the area is cleared of enemies and that they do not hide in ambush.

Also watch out for particularly open areas without blankets which are blessed bread for “sniper” specialists who will be waiting only for you, motionless, for a few moments in order to also shoot you down.

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