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How to access the Secret Black Marks Market in Ruined King: Unlock Trickster’s Corner



How to access the Secret Black Marks Market in Ruined King: Unlock Trickster's Corner

Getting good equipment in Ruined King is a basic requirement to advance more comfortably in the adventure, and Trickster’s Corner (the secret market of the Black Marks) is a secret market where you can get VERY good equipment if you have any luck.

However, as it is a secret market, accessing it is somewhat complicated. This RPG usually lets you do a lot of research, without giving too many clues regarding some missions or how to get key objects to overcome the secondary ones. Do not worry: we are going to tell you all the steps you will have to follow in order to access Trickster’s Corner.

How to access the secret Black Marks market in Ruined King: This is how you can get to Trickster’s Corner

The first thing you should know is the exact location of Trickster’s Corner: it is in one of the corners of the Baron’s Rest, the tavern on the way to the Caserón de Fortune. When you go down the elevator, just take the first left turn to get to the Baron’s Rest

Once you’re inside, Trickster’s Corner will be in the upper left corner, although the door will be closed. The key is held by a man at one of the tables near that door, although removing the key is not going to be easy.

When you ask him if he can give you the key, he will tell you that he sells it for a million coins, something that is out of our reach. However, if you exhaust all the dialogue options with him, he will tell you something very interesting: he has an intolerance to seafood, and if he takes it he will have terrible stomach pains.

If you have already spoken with him, you will have seen that he has thrown the waitress in a bad way, and she will return to the kitchen (the door just to the right of the bar) to return for another dish that does not contain seafood. Well, the steps to follow are VERY simple:

  1. Talk to the man in the picture above and buy him a bottle of his concoction for 5 coins.
  2. When you have the bottle in your inventory, go downstairs to the kitchen and talk to the waitress, who will pour the contents of the bottle into the fish.
  3. Once you see the cinematic, the man will no longer be there and you can take the key without any danger. You can now open the door to Trickster’s Corner.

This place is important for two reasons: you can get random powerful gear in exchange for Black Marks, and you’ll need to go inside to buy one of the bard’s side quest books. If you have the Black Marks left over, you can try your luck.

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