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How to get good equipment in Ruined King ahead of time: Get better weapons and armor



How to get good equipment in Ruined King ahead of time: Get better weapons and armor

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is the new Riot Forge title, a very interesting RPG in which we get to know several champions of the game more in-depth and in which getting the best team is key for our progress in the story to be as pleasant as possible.

Although the game is not particularly difficult, it is important that the characters in the group have weapons, armor, and other powerful objects. There is a method to “get ahead” of the game and get the best equipment ahead of time, although doing so is not going to be entirely easy.

So you can get better Ruined King gear by getting ahead of the game

If you have already advanced a little in the story, you will know that the main mission is usually quite straightforward: “Go to X site, complete a task and talk to someone again.” This method, in addition to giving a clear main mission objective, allows us to explore other parts of Bilgewater in search of equipment and secondary missions, to gain experience and equipment.

The other important detail to know about this method is the reward board of the Puerto de Aguas Estancadas. And it is not important because of the rewards they offer when killing an enemy, but because of the equipment that you will unlock once you have killed a boss much stronger than you.

A clear example is the Giant Dock Rat. There is a mission that will take you to the well of wishes of the buhru, and in a cave you will find several quite strong rats of the dock, being at the end of this area the leader Rat of the Giant Dock. The combat is going to be VERY hard, but if you go with potions to spare (especially reviving) and you get your DPS to always use the ultimate with him, you can kill him.

Well, once you’ve killed him, go back to the board, claim the reward, and go to the vendor just to the right of the board.

You will need some gold to buy the equipment, but we are talking about equipment that should exceed by at least 2-3 levels the one you have currently equipped (4-5 levels in my case). This method can be done more times throughout the game, all you have to do is know where the boss of the board you want to kill is located and prepare accordingly.

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