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Cities: Skylines II – How to Demolish Roads and Buildings



Cities: Skylines II - Demolish Roads and Buildings

Building your dream city requires a lot of planning and creativity for things to work perfectly. Making all of the Outside Connections and providing all of the necessities for the citizens are the initial goals for you to achieve so, you can start pulling people in your city. However, there might be a deviation in the roads or in the buildings which might upset the citizens for which you might have to either fix the anomaly or demolish it to build it better.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to demolish roads and buildings in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Demolish Roads and Buildings in Cities: Skylines II

Demolition or removal of roads and buildings is possible by using the Bulldozer, the all-purpose delete action for your removal needs. The Bulldozer can be used at any time by selecting it from the Bulldozer icon in the action bar.

It is located beside the shovel icon and activating the bulldozer will allow you to remove the roads and buildings by pressing the LMB while hovering over them with bulldoze action activated. Once you have removed the deviation, deactivate the bulldoze action by selecting the bulldozer icon again.

Removing every road and building will refund you some amount of the actual cost of the structure that you demolished so, you don’t completely lose everything by the demolition mechanic. It is a useful tool and you will find yourself using it a lot especially, in the higher-difficulty maps as they require more strategic planning to create Outside Connections.

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