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Cities: Skylines II – How to Pause Time



Cities: Skylines II - Pause Time

While building your city and laying out roads, there are various elements that you need to be aware of, the happiness of citizens being the most important one. You are responsible for all the people who are coming to stay in your city and you need to provide all the necessities to them including water, electricity, sewerage, and much more. The best way to build up your city with ease of mind and without interrupting the life of a citizen is during the paused time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to pause time in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Pause Time in Cities: Skylines II

Play/Pause time plays a crucial role in the overall progression of the City-Building/strategy games and it is no different in Cities: Skylines II. Your city will grow during the Play sequence of the map as new people follow in your built cities along with basic necessities for the citizens. However, for better growth of your city, it is important for you to lay out the base of the city and the architecture of the city without any pressure and ease of mind which is only possible during the Pause of the map.

During the Pause time, you have the freedom to plan out the improvements you are looking forward to and apply them without causing any kind of disturbance to your citizens which affects their happiness. To do so, all you have to do is to Pause Time by pressing the Play icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. Alternatively, if you are playing on a PC, press the Spacebar Key to pause time.

Pausing time will change the Play icon to the Pause icon and the map will stay paused until you change it to ‘Play’ again. It is recommended to plan your initial city design during the pause time to prevent any kind of pressure.

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