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Cities: Skylines II – How to Build Roads



Cities: Skylines II - Build Roads

Roads play a crucial role in running your built city and providing the population living in the city with all the necessities including water, electricity, etc. All the people need to traverse through and in your built city for various reasons and it is your responsibility to streamline the flow of traffic by building convenient roads.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build roads in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Build Roads in Cities: Skylines II

To get your city started and make it grow, you will need to make it possible for both people and materials to arrive in the city. Each starting map has its own pre-installed highways that lead in and out of the map area. Start building your city by connecting to and expanding from these roads instead of outlaying the roads out in the open area.

Building the roads in general is very simple as it only requires you to select a road type and number of lanes and then place it by pressing the LMB. Once the road has been placed, you can exit out of the menu by pressing the RMB or ESC.

However, you must learn the Road types to learn the placement of each categorized road at the appropriate terrain.

All Road Types in Cities: Skylines II

The roads are categorized into four different types in Cities: Skylines II.

  • Small Roads
  • Medium Roads
  • Large Roads
  • Highways

Small Roads are mostly used around the residential area of the city which can then connect to the Medium Roads leading to the livelihood area or downtown area. Large Roads are attached to the Highways to gradually decrease or increase the flow of traffic on or from the Highways. These were the basic concepts that you need to keep in mind while outlaying the roads on the map.

As you start building the roads around the map, don’t be afraid to intersect the smaller roads with medium/larger roads that eventually meet the highway. The intersection system has been overhauled and made easier for the players. You only need to select the road and use the tools to add a curve and attach it to the road. Intersecting the roads with each other gives more flow to the traffic but be careful of any traffic lights or crosswalks because they are an important element in keeping the flow of the traffic. However, for Large Roads and Highways, these elements don’t matter but the direction of the roads matters so, don’t rush things while placing the road otherwise, you will have to change the direction of the road before traffic can move.

Apart from the regular road construction, there are various variations that you can build, Elevation Up (Creates a bridge over an ongoing road), Elevation Down (Creates a tunnel beneath an ongoing road), Grids (allows you to quickly place a pre-made plan for the roads), and Parallel mode (allows you to place two selected roads perfectly aligned).

Roads also need maintenance from time to time as they get damaged along with the time. In such a case, initiate the Road Maintenance Depot to repair the roads to keep the people safe and keep the flow of traffic smooth

Pause the time in the cities to plan out your creativity and test all variations to see what suits your dream city.

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