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Coral Island: Character Creation



Coral Island: Character Creation

Coral Island is a farming game in which you can do a lot of activities and interact with the people on Coral Island. You’ll be able to create your own character at the start of the game and can select various options for your character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the options that you’ll see in the character creation in the Coral Island game.

Character Creation

Coral Island allows players to create a character according to their liking so they can explore the exciting Coral Island with their character. Once the game is on and you are on the main menu of the game, you’ll have to select the Play option and select New Game. If you have already started the game then your last save file will be showing you on the screen and the new game will be at the bottom. The new game will take you to the Character Creation screen in which you’ll create the character to your liking.

Body Type

The first option on the Character Creation screen is Body Type in which you can select one body type for your character. There’ll be three body types showing on the screen and after selecting a body type, you can also adjust the Body Mass. Under the Body Mass meter, you’ll see different skin colors from which you can select skin color for your character and can even customize the skin color by clicking on the Customize option on the right side.


The second option on the Character Creation Screen is Face in which you can set your character’s face according to your liking. The things that you can change in the Face option are the following.

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Lip
  • Jaw

You can press the control keys to change the styles or by clicking on the arrows to change the styles. You can also change and customize the colors of Eyebrows and Eyes. There isn’t any color customization for the Lips because this game is still in Early Access but you’ll be able to change all of the options and set your character’s face according to your liking.


In the Hair Style option, you’ll be able to select a hairstyle from the shown hairstyles on the screen and also change and customize the color of the hair. There’ll be 8 different hairstyles on the screen of which 4 of them will be men’s hairstyles and 4 of them will be women’s hairstyles but you can select any one of them for your character.


In the Outfit option, you’ll be shown 8 different Outfits on the screen and you can select any one outfit that suits your character the best. You can also change the outfit again when you are in the game.


The last option in Character Creation is Biodata in which you’ll be able to enter the name of your character so all the NPCs of Coral Island call you by that name. You can select or type your own Honorific for the character and can enter your Farm Name.

After creating the character, you’ll have to click on the Complete option at the bottom to finish the character creation and you’ll be shown a confirmation message. Accept to proceed in the game or Cancel to stay on the character creation screen to keep customizing.

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