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Diablo Immortal: Crusader Build While leveling Up



Diablo Immortal: Crusader Build While leveling Up

Crusader is a Paladin that wants to remove all evil from this world. The Crusader charges forward on their glorious leading party with high AoE damage, Speed, and Party buffs. Crusader is a melee and AoE damage-based class with the fastest movement speed in the game. In this guide, we tell you the builds for the Crusader class while leveling up.

Crusader Build

We will go through the best Crusader Builds that you can equip while leveling up. For the best starter build at level 8, you want to equip the 5 following abilities.

  • Punish
  • Spinning Shield
  • Shield Glare
  • Sweep Attack
  • Falling Sword


The punish ability hits the enemies for damage and you’ll gain a hardened sense that increases your Block Chance by 30% for 2 seconds. You’ll also get the ultimate ability named Counterattack Storm. You can activate this ultimate when your ultimate bar is fully charged. This ultimate ability will enhance the Punish ability for 12 seconds, striking all enemies in front of you, increasing its damage per hit and its Block Chance bonus. You’ll also gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum Life for 3 seconds.

Spinning Shield

This ability will hurl a spinning shield that deals damage to enemies in its path. The shield will return to you, pulling enemies in its path to you and dealing additional damage.

Shield Glare

Shield Glare ability unleashes a powerful attack that deals damage to all enemies in front of you and causes them to bleed for damage for over 3 seconds.

Sweep Attack

This ability will sweep a mystical flail through enemies in front of you dealing damage. Charging longer of this ability will increase its range and damage. When fully charged, this ability will also knock enemies away.

Falling Sword

This ability impels your Holy sword at a location where it deals damage for over 5 seconds to all nearby enemies. When you activate this ability again, you’ll launch yourself into the heavens and come crashing down to the sword location, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and retrieving the sword.

When your Crusader class levels up to 15, you want to replace the Shield Glare with the Draw and Quarter ability.

Draw and Quarter

This ability will let you ride a War Horse for 6 seconds, removing all movement impairing effects. It increases your movement speed by 65% and replaces your primary attack with a strike. Crusader deals the most damage while using this ability.

When your Crusader class levels up to 20, you want to replace the Sweep Attack ability with the Consecration ability.


This ability consecrates the ground around you dealing damage to all nearby enemies over 6 seconds. This AoE ability is most useful in an area crowded with enemies.

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