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Diablo Immortal: Necromancer Build While Levelling Up



Diablo Immortal: Necromancer Build While Levelling Up

There are 6 classes in Diablo Immortal from which players can choose and play the game. Players will need to defeat the enemies and bosses of the world to level up their classes and unlock new skills. In this guide, we tell you about the Necromancer Builds that you can make while leveling up.

Necromancer Build

Necromancer is an all-rounder class that can be played as an aggressive class or support class. This class has strong AoE and crowd control abilities as well as this class can summon the dead. The corpses provide a unique resource to the Necromancer that you can manage to achieve super high damage or to help out your teammates. Necromancer is very versatile and he excels at surviving and keeping his allies and minions alive.

We will go through the best Necromancer Builds that you can equip while leveling up. For the best starter build at level 8, you want to equip the 5 following abilities.

  • Soulfire
  • Command Skeletons
  • Grim Scythe
  • Corpse Explosion
  • Bone Spikes


Soulfire will shoot a ball of shadow fire that will explode when it hits the enemy, it will inflict damage to the target and all the nearby enemies for 25%. You’ll also get an ultimate ability with this primary ability. Hungering Soufire is the ultimate ability that you get and you can use it when your ultimate bar is fully charged. This ultimate ability will enhance the Soulfire ability for 12 seconds. You’ll shoot Multiple Bone Spirits that will seek out the enemies and deal damage to them. The target that has been hit multiple times will take 75% less damage.

Command Skeletons

Command Skeletons ability will let you summon a number of skeletons that you can command to a specific location and also increase the attack speed by 80% for 4.5 seconds. The summoned skeletons will also raise a new skeleton champion after every 8 seconds up to a max of 4. The Skeleton Champion will deal additional damage per attack.

Grim Scythe

Grim Scythe ability will let you use a magic scythe that deals damage to the enemies in front. Each enemy that you hit will generate a corpse up to a max of 2.

Corpse Explosion

The corpse Explosion ability will let you detonate all the corpses in the target area. All the explosion corpses will deal damage to nearby enemies. Enemies who have taken simultaneously more damage to corpses will take 40% less damage to the further corpse explosions. This ability is very useful with other abilities, you can kill enemies with the scythe abilities and they will turn into corpses then you can use this ability to explode on the enemies nearby.

Bone Spikes

The Bone Spikes ability will let you erupt bone spikes from the ground that will deal damage to enemies and stun them for 2 seconds. If you charge this ability, the range of the spikes and the damage will increase.

When your Necromancer class levels up to 15, you want to use the same build and only replace the Bone Spikes ability with the Wraith Form ability.

Wraith Form

The Wraith Form ability will let you transform into a Wraith that will increase your movement speed and you’ll become invulnerable for 2 seconds. But you cannot attack or use any other ability while in the Wraith form. By doing that, this ability will get canceled. This ability will give you movement and survivability buff.

When your Necromancer class levels up to 20, you want to replace the Wraith Form ability with Skeletal Mage ability.

Skeletal Mage

The Skeletal Mage ability will let you summon the immobile skeletal for 13 seconds that will shoot soulfire balls in any direction. Every ball will deal damage to the enemies that are in the path of the ball. You can use this ability to clear all the enemies that are low on HP.

These builds would be perfect for the Necromancer class players that are leveling up in the game.

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