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Diablo Immortal: How to Farm XP to Level up



Diablo Immortal: How to Farm XP to Level up

In Diablo Immortal, leveling up your character is a necessity as it allows you to move further in the game and discover new areas of the world. To level up your character, the main thing that is required is the XP. In this guide, we’ll tell you a number of ways to get XP to level up your character so you can explore more content of the game without slowing down.

Main Story Quests

The main story quests of the game will grant you many useful items along with the XP. You can get many XP from completing the story quests as a new player in the game, you’ll probably do the main quests to unlock further things in the game. The main story quests have their own panel that can be seen on the left side of the screen. Just complete the task and you’ll gain XP and level up. By leveling up, you’ll gain access to new areas of the world and content.

Kill Streaks

Diablo Immortal has a great combat mechanic and it allows characters to kill a horde of enemies in seconds. There are many abilities of each character and the abilities can be used in a way to get a kill streak during the fight. The kill streak will let you gain bonus XP off of the fights. To trigger the kill streak, when you kill 15 enemies in a short period of time, a sign will appear on the bottom of the screen with a timer. In that time, each kill will grant you bonus XP so try to kill as many enemies as you can when that timer appears on your screen while in a fight.


Completing the dungeons will also give you many XP, you’ll unlock the dungeons as you progress through the main story of the game. After unlocking the dungeons, go and complete the dungeons to gain new items and XP along with them. You can also repeat the dungeons to get XP.

Rifts & Quests

After reaching the Westmarch, you can access the challenge Rifts in which you’ll need to complete the levels and it will get harder as you complete the levels. The faster you complete the levels, the more rewards you’ll get. Just defeat the enemies faster and complete the level to get rewards and XP.

You can also access the quests in the Westmarch, you can get them through the mission board, just complete these quests to gain more rewards and more bonus XP. You can do these quests 8 per day.

Battle Pass

The Diablo Immortal has a seasonal Battle Pass as well and players can get many rewards from the battle pass by completing the various missions of the battle pass. The battle pass gives many XP on leveling up your battle pass along with other rewards. To level up the battle pass you just need to complete the daily quests to get battle points and when you have reached enough amount of battle points, you’ll unlock the next level of the battle pass and gain XP. If you have a regular battle pass you’ll still get XP from leveling up the battle pass but there’ll be a weekly limit of 2400 XP. The battle pass has also XP multipliers which will help you get more XP off of the missions, killing enemies, dungeons, etc.


The Bestiary is a book that’ll get you XP by completing the pages of it at the Horadric Altar. To complete one page of the Bestiary, you’ll need to collect 10 Monstrous Essence and bring them to the Altar to add a page to the Bestiary. You can complete 3 pages of the Bestiary in one day. You can get Monstrous Essence by killing the enemies.

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