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Diablo Immortal: Wizard Build While Leveling Up Guide



Diablo Immortal: Wizard Build While Leveling Up Guide

There are 6 classes in Diablo Immortal from which players can choose and play the game. Players will need to defeat the enemies and bosses of the world to level up their classes and unlock new skills. In this guide, we tell you about the Wizard Builds that you can make while leveling up.

Wizard Build

Wizard is a mage class that can deal damage to enemies with the spells from a distance. Wizard has skills for AoE attack as well as the crowd control and she can also teleport to reposition during the fights or travel a great distance. The Wizard class can deal a great amount of damage to the enemies with AoE attacks.

We will go through the best builds that you can equip with Wizard while leveling up. For the best starter build at level 18, you want to equip the 5 following skills.

  • Magic Missile
  • Scorch
  • Arcane Wind
  • Lightning Nova
  • Teleport

Magic Missile

Magic Missile is a simple magic skill that deals damage to enemies but it also gives you an ultimate ability with it named Ice Missile. You can shoot Ice Missile when your ultimate bar is fully charged. The Ice missile will enhance the Magic Missile ability and add the Frost effect for 12 seconds which will increase the damage and slow down the enemies. You can deal a great amount of damage on enemies with this ability and you can use it whenever your other abilities are on cooldown.


The Scorch ability will let you shoot a Flaming Orb that will deal damage to enemies and also give them burning damage over for 6 seconds. This will also knock enemies back if they are closer to you. This is one of the best starter abilities that you get.

Arcane Wind

Arcane Wind ability let you shoot a Blast of Wind in the guided direction and it deals damage to enemies and knocks the enemies back. If you charge this ability, the range of the wind will increase along with the damage and the distance of the knocked enemies. This ability will also deal 50% more damage to enemies who are suffering from the burning effect so, what you can do is hit the enemies with the Scorch ability and then hit them with the Arcane Wind ability to deal massive damage on the enemies.

Lightning Nova

The Lightning Nova ability will shoot 10 lightning balls in all directions that deal damage going outward and then again as they return to your new location. This ability has a low cooldown and it can be used often to deal quick damage to the enemies.


Teleport ability will let you teleport in the forward direction for a maximum of three times. This ability is great for mobility and repositioning during the fights.

When your Wizard class levels up to 38, you want to use the same build and only replace the Lightning Nova ability with the Black Hole ability.

Black Hole

Black Hole ability will hoot a black hole for 3 seconds that will pull all the nearby enemies and deal damage to them for over 3 seconds. This ability will not deal much damage but it can be used with other main abilities. If you shoot the black hole and then use the Scorch on the enemies when the enemies are on the burning effect, you can then shoot the Arcane Wind ability. Together all the abilities will do massive damage to the enemies.

When your Wizard class levels up to 41, you want to replace the Scorch ability with the Meteor ability.


The Meteor ability will summon a huge meteor that’ll drop from the sky dealing damage and stunning all the enemies in the impact area for 3 seconds. The ground that it hit, will be scorched which will deal burning damage to enemies for 6 seconds. The reason we switched over to meteor is that it will do the same thing but with more damage. After the meteor, you can shoot the Arcane Wind to deal more damage to burning enemies.

These builds would be perfect for the Wizard class players that are leveling up in the game.

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