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Digimon Survive: Best way to Recruit A Digimon



Digimon Survive: Best way to Recruit A Digimon

In Digimon Survive, you’ll face several Digimon throughout the story of the game and unlock them as your own unit. You can also get other Digimon as well from the Free Battle “Free Bat”. These Digimon will become your friend and then you can put them in the battle to fight as your unit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the best way to recruit a Digimon in Digimon Survive.

Best way to Recruit a Digimon

In order to recruit any Digimon, you always want to talk to that Digimon and try to answer its questions. Because defeating it in the battle won’t make it your friend. After the Digimon has become your friend, it means you have recruited it and then you can use it in your next battles.

But if you get a single answer wrong, the Digimon would get angry and you’d not be able to recruit it and then you have to restart from the last save file to retry again. Before starting the battle, saving would help you a little but it would cost you some time. There is another faster way that you can reset the battle if you’ve messed up an answer.

Best way to Recruit a Digimon

Press the “ESC” on the keyboard or the “Start” button on the controller to open the game menu. You’ll see several options there and what you need to do here is select the “Retry” option and the current battle will reset. The battle will start as a new and you’ll be able to correct your answer in this run and befriend a Digimon and recruit it.

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