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Digimon Survive: Part 3 Walkthrough



Digimon Survive: Part 3 Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll tell you the walkthrough of Part 3 of Digimon Survive.

Part – 3

Part – 3 will start off with Miu and Kaito arguing with each other. Miu and Kaito are siblings and Miu gets angry at her big brother to control her life. Suddenly, they’ll both hear stomping and Kaito will tell Miu to stay here and he is going to take a look. Kaito will go and check what is making that sound and find out that there is a big monster in the woods. Kaito will come back to warn Miu but she’ll be gone. After that, the cutscene will change to Takuma and all the other characters in the school. Saki will argue with Takuma about sleeping in the same room with boys and everyone will argue about whether they’ll be safer together or whether girls need privacy. Takuma will get two choices here.

  • Saki’s right.
  • Safety in numbers.

Whatever choice you pick, the girls will sleep in a separate room. Saki and Aoi will sleep in the music room with ghost kids. In the morning, the boys will talk about the disappearance of Professor and being stuck in a mysterious world. After the dialogues, Takuma will get two choices.

  • Let’s ask the girls.
  • Let’s start with the food.

Both of the choices will outcome in they are eating breakfast first and then asking the girls about the situation. Takuma will go to use the bathroom and when he comes back, Shuuji will be arguing with Minoru about staying n the school or scouting around the area. Takuma will get two choices.

  • We should look around.
  • Let’s wait and see.

Both of these choices will outcome in Shuuji and Minoru starting arguing with each other again and Takuma will say to them that we should finish our breakfast and then talk about it. After that, you need to open the map and talk with every character in a different room of the school. Start from the corridor to the gym to talk to every character. After talking to everyone, open the map and you’ll see a character sign on the Woods by School area. Go to this place and you’ll find Shuuji here. After talking to Shuuji, go back to Cafeteria and talk to Saki. After that, go to the classroom and talk to Ryo. After that, go to the Corridor and talk to Aoi and she’ll tell you that Lebramon is not with her, and then the scene will reset and Minoru will say that he can’t seem to find Falcomon. Open the map and go to the woods and you’ll find Kunemon. Kunemon will lead you to the shrine and you’ll find Agumon, Falcomon, and Lebramon there. They’ll sense something in the bush and Takuma will take a photo from the phone and then a fight with Birdramon will begin.

After defeating the Birdramon, All of the Digimon and Takuma will find another Digimon in the bush and it will join the group of Takuma. After that, go to the woods and talk to Lopmon. After that, a new objective will unlock in the Old School area. Go to the Old School area and Agumon will tell Takuma about the discovery of the radio tower. Takuma will tell everyone in the cafeteria about the radio tower and they’ll all be ready to go up on the tower and find the signal to communicate and ask for help. But Shuuji will disagree and Takuma will get four choices to ask a question to Shuuji.

  • We might get lost.
  • We’ll run low on food.
  • He has to get his Way?
  • We might be attacked?

Select any choice to question Shuuji and the Digimon will tell them that it would be safe and they’ll be back until sunset. Shuuji will agree on coming with the crew. They all will cover a great distance and then Takuma will see Kaito in a distance arguing with a lady. Takuma will meet Kaito and Kaito will say that this lady is a monster in disguise. Then Takuma will have to hear the story of Kaito and then talk to everyone and get their thoughts on this matter. After that, talk to the unknown lady and listen to her side of the story. Then keep talking to the characters that have a hexagon symbol on them. After talking to them all, the lady will tell you a path up to the Radio Tower. Then Takuma will get two choices.

  • Kaito.
  • The Woman.

Choose one of the choices and either way, Kaito will separate from the group to find his sister Miu. Then Takuma and Agumon will go after Kaito to help him find Miu. Takuma will talk with Kaito and Dracmon and then the story cuts to the other crew. The lady will tell all the crew to wait for the cable car. She’ll tell them that the cable car runs automatically and it will take them to the radio tower. After the dialogues, the cable car will come and everyone will get into it. The cable car will start moving and on the way, the car will stop and Shuuji will realize the woman is gone and then a spider demon appears and tell everyone that the woman was her disguise. Then the story will cut to Takuma and the ghost kid will see that the cable car is stopped in the mid-way. Then Takuma and everyone else will go up there and help the crew. A battle will start in which you’ll have to defeat Arukenimon.

digimon survive boss

After the fight, Arukenimon still survives and gets away without telling us about Miu. After that, everyone will reach the radio tower and will help a Digimon named Tentomon. Tentomon will tell everyone that he saw Arukenimon kidnapping a girl from the woods. After the dialogues, the crew will go up on the mountain to the radio tower and will find that they are on an island surrounded by ocean. Ryo will freak out and will run to the bridge. Arukenimon will come there again and order Cyclonemon to kill Ryo. Everyone will come on the bridge to save Ryo from Cyclonemon. Then the second battle of this chapter will begin in which we have to save Ryo from Cyclonemon.

During the fight, Ryo will fall from the bridge and fell into the water. After you’ve defeated Cyclonemon, Ryo will come out from the water and find Haru. Haru will tell him that he saved him. Ryo will go insane again and talks again about his mommy. He’ll start to see his mommy in the fog and then Takuma and everyone else will come there. They’ll notice that Ryo is not well and in that time, fog will get dense and a teleport will open in a distance and multiple hands will reach out for Ryo. Takuma will get three choices.

  • Of course, we’ll help!
  • Can we even make it?
  • It’s risky, but yeah.

Select any choice and the outcome will remain the same in which Takuma and everyone else will try to help Ryo but he’ll not get out of the way and in Ryo’s vision, he’ll be talking to his mommy. Then the hands will pull him in and he’ll die. After Ryo’s death, Kunemon will disappear because it was his Digimon. Then at the end of the chapter, Takuma will try to blame himself that he could have done more for Ryo and will get three options.

  • I just don’t know.
  • Determination
  • Cooperation.

Select any reason here and Takuma will say that he could have done it but it wouldn’t have mattered. Then Agumon will try to tell Takuma that it wasn’t his fault and that he can do anything.

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