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Digimon Survive: Part 4 Walkthrough



Digimon Survive: Part 4 Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering Part 4 of Digimon Survive.

Part – 4

Part 4 will start with Arukenimon talking to other demons about the human children and the demons are angry with Arukenimon for failing in catching the children. An unknown demon will give Arukenimon a second chance but it would be her last chance. After that, we cut to Takuma and he wakes up screaming Ryo. Takuma will talk to Kaito and Dracmon, Kaito will be angry because he needs to save his sister. Takuma and Dracmon will tell him to stay with everyone else and that it will be dangerous to go alone. Then we get to Free Action in which we have to talk to every character. Go to every room of the school and then Agumon will go to the Shrine. After talking to everyone, open the map and then select the Forest Area and go to the Shrine. You’ll find Agumon there and he’d have collected some food for us to cheer everyone up. After that go to the School Area and go to the gym. Talk to Kaito and then go to the old school area to talk to Kaito again as he is still angry. He’d say that he have waited long enough and he want to go out there and save his little sister. Takuma will get three choices.

  • By force, if need be!
  • Persuade him.
  • Appeal for help!

Select the By Force choice and Takuma will say to Kaito that he’d not let him go and we will find Miu together and get home. Kaito will listen and calm down as Dracmon try to convince kaito as well. After that, everyone will come to the cafeteria. Takuma will be glad to see everybody here and then they talk about saving Miu as one. Then things get heated between kaito and Shuuji. Shuuji will keep saying that he is the oldest and he is the leader whereas Kaito will say that he is Miu’s big brother. Takuma will get three choices here on which he needs to stop this fight.

  • ⦁ Try to enlist help.
  • ⦁ Side with Kaito.
  • ⦁ Honor Shuuji’s Point.

Select any option and then they will start to fight again but Aoi will speak up and shut both of them. Then they both will apologize for fighting. After that, they all will decide to go to the Amusement Park that they see when they were on the radio tower. After the dialogues, they will make their way to Amusement Park through the Forest. Everyone will get tired and some of them will think they are lost. Takuma will get three choices in which he has to suggest what everyone should do:

  • Find another way.
  • Turn back here.
  • Press on like this.

Select any choice and then Shuuji will say to everyone that we should keep on going at a slower pace so, we can reach there before the sun sets. They will get out of the forest and Saki will not feel well because she needs some rest. Takuma will get three choices again resting or keeping going. Select any choice and the crew will agree on resting. After that, talk to Minoru, Shuuji, and Aoi to continue. Kaito will tell everyone to continue the journey to Amusement Park. Everyone will be feeling good after the rest so, they will continue the journey and Minoru will see the amusement park. After reaching the park, they will have an argument about going in groups to search for Miu or staying together and suddenly three little Digimon will appear from the park. The Digimon will think that these children are kidnapped and they’ll don’t let us in until we fight. Takuma and everyone else will try to convince them that they are kidnapped these Digimon are their partners. After the argument, Takuma will get three choices in which he has to decide what to do.

  • Agumon, work this out.
  • You asked for this!
  • We don’t want to fight.

Select any option and then the three Digimon will run away because they couldn’t be able to fight all of us at the same time. Everyone will go inside the Amusement Park without fighting. The three Digimon will come back again when the whole crew is inside the Amusement Park. They’ll start the argument again fighting and Kaito will get angry because they are wasting everybody’s time. Takuma will get to talk with Kaito after the dialogues. Kaito and Minoru will fight with the three Digimon and they’ll run again. Everyone will decide to split up in the park to find Miu because the park is huge and there are several buildings that they need to search. After the dialogues, exploration will start in which you’ll get the different locations on your map.

Go to the Castle Courtyard to talk with Kaito. Takuma will ask Kaito about her sister and Kaito will ask Takuma what you want to know. Takuma will get three choices as a question.

  • Does it get annoying?
  • What makes her cute?
  • What do you love most?

Select the “What do you love most” option and you’ll increase affinity with Kaito and he’ll answer that she is family so, I have to take care of her and that’s why he is overprotective. After talking to him, open the map and go to the Performance Space area to talk with Saki. While going over the dialogues about the personality of Saki, Takuma will get three choices.

  • No reason.
  • You seem Wistful.
  • You’re too excited.

Select the “You seem Wistful.” Option and Saki will be delighted and then she’d tell Takuma to look for Miu. Open the map and then select the Park Gate to talk with Aoi. After talking to Aoi, Kaito and Minoru will be there also and three Digimon will come there again. Just ignore them and they will retreat again. Open the map and look at the last place to end the exploration. Go to the Central Plaza to talk to Shuuji. Shuuji will call out to everyone and ask if they found anything. No one had found anything and the three Digimon will return this time Kaito will lose it but Aoi will shut Kaito down and then talk to the Digimon.

The Digimon will return to their queen but Agumon and Takuma will follow them to the back door of the castle. You’ll unlock new areas on your map, open the map and go to the Castle Path East. Look to the end of the hall and interact, you’ll unlock a new location named Castle Path North. Open the map and go to the new unlocked location. Look to the left and interact with the corner to see the footprints and you’ll unlock a new area. Open the map and go to the Castle Path West location. You’ll see a handle on the pillar on the right side. Interact with the pillar and the secret stairs will appear. They’ll reach the room of the queen and suddenly Miu will appear and she’ll be the queen the three Digimon was talking about. Kaito will be glad that he found his sister. Miu will not leave with anyone and tell everyone to get out. Takuma will get three choices to persuade Miu.

  • We’ve got great food!
  • Stop acting up.
  • This world is dangerous.

Whatever choice you make here, Miu will not agree on going with you back to the school and she’ll press the button to throw everyone down in the dark cell. Takuma will look for a way out of the cell. Takuma will be able to check the floor, walls, pillars, and iron bars but nothing will budge. Suddenly, they’ll hear an old man, and the old man will let everyone out of the cell and show them the way out of the cell. Shuuji will stop everyone and say that this could be a trap for Arukenimon and Takuma will get three choices.

  • Try to wait on Miu?
  • Find our own way.
  • Follow along!

Select the “Follow along” choice and everyone will agree with Takuma and the old man will tell everyone about his past in this castle. After that, the old man will take everyone out of the cell dungeon. Everyone will talk about the priority of their own and then Takuma will get three choices in which he has to choose the first priority of everyone.

  • Gathering Information.
  • Our own safety.
  • Rescuing Miu.

Select the “Rescuing Mia” choice because everyone will agree with it and then they’ll run back to the throne room. When they reach the throne room, they’ll find out that Miu is hiding and then we’ll get the exploration in which the new areas around the castle will unlock. Open the map and go to the Park Gate and then you’ll have to go to the Central Plaza and talk with Kaito. Kaito and Shuuji will suggest that Miu hasn’t left the castle so, it is better to find her inside the castle. Open the map and go to the Castle Path North location. Talk to Palmon to know the whereabouts of Miu but palmon wouldn’t tell us where she is hiding. Open the map and then go to the Castle Path South location. Talk to the Patamon to ask it about the whereabouts of Miu. Patamon will tell us that Miu is hiding in the safest place in the castle. Open the map and go to the Throne Room to find Miu. Miu will be hiding inside the chest on the right side. Biyomon will interrupt you but keep interacting with the chest. On the third turn, we’ll find Miu.

Everyone will tell Miu that her life is in danger and there are bad creatures that are looking for them and they’ll find her and sacrifice her. Miu will not listen to them at first but then they’ll start telling her the attack on the castle is from those creatures and your Digimon is also hurt. Then the castle will get attacked again and the whole castle will start to shake. Everyone will then run for the exit. Then the whole crew will get attacked by Garurumon and Monzaemon. Then after the dialogues, Takuma will get three choices.

  • Make Garurumon angry!
  • Agumon and the others are too much for you.
  • Challenge Garurumon to a fight!

Whatever choice you take, the fight with Garurumon will take place in which we have to defeat Garurumon. At the end of the fight, he’ll run away saying that the numbers were in our favor. After the fight, Miu will be back to normal and they’ll talk about getting back to their real home. JI jimon will tell them that the creatures who sacrifice children are much older than him and the others so, this could be happening for a long time. After the dialogues, Ji jimon will give Takuma a key that’ll open the door to the underground waterway. Everyone will get back to School and then Part 4 will come to an end.

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