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Digimon Survive: Part 5 Walkthrough



Digimon Survive: Part 5 Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be going through Part 5 of the Digimon Survive game.

Part – 5

Part 5 starts with Shuuji having a nightmare in which his dad gets ashamed of him and abandons him. After he wakes up, he realizes that it was just a dream and then everybody gets together at the cafeteria for the breakfast. Takuma will ask Aoi and Minoru if they had found any clue about getting back to the world but they didn’t have found anything as well. Takuma will ask about “Caretaker” and Aoi will assume that maybe that is the one behind all of the things happening. The crew will decide to go straight to the enemy’s place and find information but Shuuji will not allow them to go. He’ll tell all to find information about this world. Takuma will get three choices in which he has to tell everyone what he thinks.

  • Think a bit more.
  • Enter the enemy base.
  • Look for another way.

Select any choice and after the choice, everyone will go and hunt for a clue to get a lead. We’ll get the Free action in which we’ll get 9 moves. We’ll need to talk to every character to find out what they found. After talking to everyone, go to Cafeteria and talk with Aoi, she’ll tell you that she lost her ring and after that, Takuma and Agumon will go to the toilet to search for the ring and they will see Gazimon there. Takuma and Agumon will go after Gazimon and it’ll by stopped by other Digimon. Then we’ll have a fight with Gazimon in which we need to defeat it. After defeating it, we’ll get all the things looted from the characters and we’ll return the things to them.

Open the map and go to the Toilet to talk to Shuuji. Shuuji will think that Lopmon is a coward and he didn’t get a strong Digimon like the others. Lopmon will be disappointed and Takuma will get three choices.

  • Don’t talk like that!
  • Time to be a leader.
  • Do your best, Lopmon!

Select “Time to be a Leader” choice and it will increase affinity with Shuuji and Shuuji will train Lopmon to be better around him. Open the map and go to the Woods by School area and you’ll see that Shuuji is training Lopmon. After the dialogues, open the map and you’ll need to go all the areas in the school and talk to everyone. Start with the Courtyard and when you go to the Music room to talk with the ghost kids, you’ll hear voices from the cafeteria. Shuuji will be angry with all of the characters for how they believed the fairy tales of Ji jimon. Aoi and Kaito will give their opinion and Takuma will get three choices on which he has to know what others think.

  • I’ll ask Minoru.
  • I’ll ask Saki.
  • I’ll ask Miu.

Select anyone to ask and Shuuji will start an argument over Digimon. He’ll say how can we trust these creatures and Takuma will get three choices.

  • Maybe get more allies?
  • Trust our Partners.
  • Act with caution.

Select the “Act with caution” choice to give your opinion but Shuuji will not calm down. Takuma will get three more choices to hear what others think.

  • I should hear Miu out.
  • What does Kaito think?
  • Agumon wants to talk.

Select “Agumon wants to talk” choice and he’ll cheer you up and whatever decision you take he’ll be agreed to it. Kaito will think that their best option is to go to Ji jimon and find a way out. Shuuji will not be happy and Minoru will ask the ghost kids to come along because it’ll be dangerous here. Shuuji will also not agree with that and Takuma will get two choices.

  • Agree with Shuuji.
  • Agree with Minoru.

Select the “Agree with Minoru” choice to take the kids along. Everyone will go to the path that leads to the dam where they found Saki and Professor. Shuuji will be harsher toward Lopmon and everyone will feel bad about Lopmon. Takuma will need to talk to Minoru and then Shuuji to progress further. Kaito and Shuuji will start their fight along the way and everyone is getting annoyed by their fight. Takuma will get three choices.

  • Let Miu handle this.
  • Let them fight!
  • Get them to listen.
digimon survive walkthrough part 5

Select the “Let Miu handle this” choice and she’ll calm down Kaito and Takuma will calm down Shuuji but they both will run towards the dam and everyone will run as well behind them. They’ll get to the locked gate of the dam and they’ll find the lock with a strange pattern. Choose the Waterway Entrance to go through the locked door. Darcmon will think that bringing Shuuji inside the battle area will put him in more danger and Takuma will think that bringing ghost kids with them is not right and Aoi will say that she can stay here and wait with Shuuji. Takuma will get three choices.

  • Aoi should stay, too.
  • Shuuji’s on his own.
  • Miyuki and Haru stay.

Select any choice here and Shuuji will get angry and run away, Lopmon will also go after Shuuji. Everyone else will go to the waterway. Arukenimon will be waiting for them in there and she’ll release a thick gas that will faint Takuma. When he opened his eyes, everyone would be gone from there. Go right, then go left, then go straight, and for the last one go straight again to progress ahead on the waterway path. You’ll also see fake Agumon on each turn and when you get out of there, you’ll see two Agumon and each one will be saying that the other one is fake. Takuma will get a choice.

  • On the left!
  • On the right!

Select the “On the right!” choice because the real Agumon is on the right side. After choosing the real Agumon, you’ll need to fight Seadramon. After the fight, Takuma will find Aoi and she would say that Lebramon said mean things to her. Keep following the path you’ll see fake Lebramon on the way. You’ll reach the same place as a few moments ago in which you decide who is the real Agumon. This time, you’d have to choose the real Lebramon. Ask any question and the fake Lebramon will not give a suitable answer and then choose the Lebramon on the right. The left one will be Seadramon again. Seadramon will run away again and then you’ll find Saki. Talk to Saki and then keep following the path. You’ll meet fake Floramon on the way as well. You’ll reach the same place again and this time you’ll have to choose the real Floramon. Ask the question about friendship and the left one will give the right answer. Choose the Floramon on the left and then we’ll have a fight again with Seadramon. After defeating Seadramon again, Takuma will see an unknown Digimon and then find Miyuki and Haru. They’ll tell Takuma that Renamon saved them. Takuma will be surprised.

Go straight from there and you’ll find Miu. Keep following the path and you’ll see fake Syakomon. Just like before keep following the path and then you’ll have to choose the real Syakomon. Ask Syakomon about their true feelings and the right one will give the wrong answer. Choose the left one and then Takuma will hear someone fighting ahead. Takuma and Agumon will go ahead and find Minoru and Falcomon fighting a shadow. After the dialogues, the fight with Seadramon will begin again. After defeating Seadramon again, Kaito will come with Dracmon and everyone will be reunited again. Then we get to the Exploration phase.

Go straight and then keep following the path and you’ll find Shuuji and Lopmon. Shuuji will run straight from there and everyone will follow him. Takuma will call out Shuuji again and then he would listen. Everyone will ask Shuuji if he is ok and then there’ll be several dialogues. Shuuji will be reacting awkwardly and then he’ll run away again. Everyone will follow him again. Shuuji will stop and then start talking to himself just like Ryo used to do. Then he’ll run away again. Shuuji will see Arukenimon and Arukenimon will tell him that if he gives her one human then she’d let him go home safely. Takuma and everyone will reach there but they wouldn’t see Arukenimon with Shuuji. Shuuji will decide to choose himself to sacrifice. Lebramon will get a scent of Arukenimon and everyone will get freaked out. Shuuji will get angry at Lopmon and start to hit Lopmon. Everyone will try to stop him but Arukenimon will step in their way. Meageseadramon will spawn there and we’ll have to fight Megaseadramon. When Megaseadramon is about to die, the camera will shift to Shuuji hitting Lopmon, and Lopmon will transform into Wendigomon and kill Megaseadramon with a single hit. Then Wendigomon will come to Shuuji and eat him.

Then we’ll have to fight Wendigomon. During the fight, Agumon will evolve into MetalGreymon and defeat Wendigomon. After the fight, the crew will be surrounded by fog. They all will talk about Shuuji and Lopmon and then suddenly the fog will start to come closer and they’ll see Professor in the fog and running straight. They all will follow the professor and the part will come to an end.

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