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Digimon Survive: Part 6 Walkthrough



Digimon Survive: Part 6 Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering part 6 of Digimon Survive.

Part – 6

Part 6 will start with Garurumon having a dream with Haru. Garurumon is his partner of Haru and he wakes up screaming. Then we cut to all the characters and they are all tired. Takuma and Agumon tell everyone to rest before they continue the journey. Professor will tell everyone what happened to him and how he survived. The professor will go on a route and then Minoru will start to question Digimon that are they really on our side? Everyone will get in confusion and Minoru will start to freak out. Takuma will get three choices.

  • Now’s not the time.
  • Then don’t believe it.
  • Calm down, you two.

Select any choice and Falcomon will leave Minoru and go on his separate way but Takuma and Agumon will talk to Falcomon and bring it back to Minoru. After that, we’ll get the Free Action phase. Open the map and start going to each location and talking to the characters. Once you have run out of moves, Takuma will call out to everyone and tell them to continue the journey and get closer to the professor. But everyone will be feeling tired and Takuma will get three choices to make them feel better.

  • Resting a bit.
  • Talking about something.
  • Get everyone to regroup.

Select any choice and while Takuma is talking to Saki, an enemy Digimon will appear, and then a battle will start in which we have to defeat several Betamon. After the fight, Minoru and Kaito will start an argument again with the Digimon, and Falcomon will leave the group. Professor will come back and he’ll tell the crew that he found new ruins and they should start moving. Professor will talk about Digimon and how they relate to the inner state of humans. After that, Minoru will feel bad for Falcomon and he’d make up his mind to get it back, and then we’ll get the Exploration Phase.

Go to each area and after talking to the characters, you’ll have a fight with the enemies in every area. After you’ve cleared all of the areas, open the map and go to the Shopping District to talk to Minoru. They’ll find Falcomon and Minoru will apologize to Falcomon but it would say that it can’t return to the group now. Then we’ll get the option to talk to Falcomon but he wouldn’t return and run away. Lastly, talk to the professor and he’d be finding something in this area and then he will also take leave. Open the map and go to the Ruined Apartment to talk to Kaito and Professor. Talk to Kaito first and he’d tell you that he and Dracmon will inform us if they find Falcomon. Then talk to the professor and he’d be mumbling again. Takuma will get three choices from which he can ask a question to the professor.

  • If he’s worried…
  • Miyuki and Haru.
  • How he’s doing!

Ask any question to the professor, he’d say he is alright and he’ll also ask you about Miyuki and Haru then change the topic. Open the map and go to the Woods near the City area and talk to Falcomon. Falcomon will not be happy with Minoru and he’d leave from there. Minoru will let Falcomon go and feel bad for what he said to Falcomon earlier. Takuma will get three choices to raise Minoru’s spirit.

  • Believe in yourself!
  • Don’t regret anything!
  • Trust your bond!

Select any option and it will raise Minoru’s spirit and he’ll go after Falcomon to bring it back. After that, open the map and go to A Certain Room location. Takuma and Agumon will make a plan to search the apartment building and then the scene cuts to Professor and Garurumon will come there and going after the kids. Haru will stop the professor. Then the map will open and you need to go to the Complex Far Side location and talk to Minoru. Minoru and Falcomon will talk but it won’t listen to Minoru and run away again. Minoru will run after Falcomon. Takuma and Agumon will look for the building that the professor mentioned. The scene will cut Minoru and Falcomon and Minoru will let his heart out to Falcomon and apologize to it but Falcomon will still refuse to join back and run away.

digimon survive

Takuma and Agumon will go inside the building and search for clues. Takuma will find the photo of Miyuki and Haru in the apartment and then they will hear someone coming inside the apartment. Takuma and Agumon will hide. Professor and Haru will come inside the apartment and they’ll start talking and then they’ll hear the scream of the monster. Everyone will go out of the apartment and see that Miyuki has been captured by Garurumon. Arukenimon will come there as well and tell Garurumon to capture everyone but Garurumon will not listen to Arukenimon. After the dialogues, we’ll have a fight against Garurumon.

After defeating Garurumon in the fight, Garurumon and Arukenimon will run away and Kaito will note their direction to an old factory and assume that should be their base. Falcomon will tell the reason why they wanted to get far from Minoru and listening to the reason will melt Minoru’s heart and then Minoru will say that he wants to fight all of the enemies with Falcomon and Falcomon will befriend him again with Minoru. After the dialogues, everyone will return to the school and rest. Takuma will think about Haru and Professor relations and why was Garurumon looking the professor in the eyes. Miu will come into the room and tell Takuma to sleep and then this part will come to an end.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to level up fast



Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to level up fast

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the new JRPG, with its big world to explore which is followed by pathways and different outcomes. The game has different systems like any RPG from classes, equipment, upgrades, resources, etc. There is also an affinity system that can help you build good relationships with different communities within the game, which will further give you permanent bonuses.

In this guide, we are going to tell you more about the leveling system of the game. We will help you in leveling in the new Xenoblade Chronicles 3 using different methods in-game.

Leveling Up Fast

You have to keep in mind that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a long game that will take more than 40 hours to complete as it has side quests as well as the main questline. So, leveling up faster in the game will help you a lot in fighting the bosses and different enemies because the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is filled with different bosses with different difficulties.

You can follow the main storyline which has a fixed outcome that will help you in leveling up when you complete a quest. You can follow different side quests to help you in leveling up faster and it will ultimately help in the main questline as well. Fighting bosses that are higher level than you will be a pain for you that’s why it is advised to level up fast. So, you won’t have to face any difficulty fighting high-level bosses.

EXP is the in-game metric which determines that how much you’ve leveled to a certain level. Here are different methods you can follow to help yourself in leveling up fast.


You can eat in your camp which will give you an EXP bonus. You can use it to craft different dishes for yourself. When you learn each new dish, it will also give you an EXP boost by 5%.


Fighting different monsters also give EXP boosts. There are Elite Monsters and some Rare Monsters as well in the game. Elite monsters have a blue aura with them. Whenever you’ve defeated an Elite or Rare monster it will give you an EXP boost and they will also leave a marker on the map for the monsters.


You can explore the world of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and there are different NPCs as well. You can interact with them and it rewards with EXP as well.

Side Quests

You can do Side quests; they are marked with an exclamation mark. You can do the side quests they will give you EXP helping you in leveling up.

Exploring new areas

You can explore new areas in-game, and you can check your map to see the unexplored areas. When you explore a new area, you will get an EXP bonus which will help you in leveling up. There are also different and new colonies which you can explore which will help you in leveling as well.

Extra EXP

Extra EXP is like normal leveling up but it builds up and accumulates as you play the game. These are the additional EXP bonuses that you will get doing for certain activities. You don’t have to do anything major to get this they are part of the game. These are a few things additional EXP applies to.

  • Doing chain attacks on enemies with low health
  • Exploring new places/areas and colonies in the world
  • Rest in camps and talk to your team in the camps.
  • Participating in Skirmishes.
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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Unlock Classes & Change Classes



Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Unlock Classes & Change Classes

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there are different characters in your party and you’ll play alongside them throughout the whole game. There are also various classes in this game that you’ll be able to unlock after the 2nd chapter.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Unlock Classes & Change Classes.

Unlock Classes

In order to unlock a class, all you have to do is complete the main quest of the story and as you progress through the story, new characters will join you. With new characters in your party, you’ll unlock new classes. You’ll also be notified about the class you unlock.

The character that joined, you can also complete quests with the character and you’ll immediately unlock that character’s class. It is a great way to unlock a class that you like by completing a quest with that class’s character.

Change Classes

After you’ve unlocked a class, you can immediately equip it or if you want to equip a class manually, you need to pause the game by pressing X. Then go to the main menu of the game and open the Character’s Tab. There you’ll see all of your characters, select a character that you want to change the class of, and then you’ll see all the available classes for that character. Select the class that you desired for that character.

Changing the class of the character will also change its clothes according to the class so it is also a way of changing clothes in the game but keep it in mind, that changing the class will change the playstyle of that character as well.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What is Nopon Doubloon and what is its use



Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What is Nopon Doubloon and what is its use

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there are many things in the game that’ll confuse you and one of those things is a Nopon Doubloon. You would have seen in the game that in many places, the game asks for Nopon Doubloon to fulfill an action if you don’t have a certain material.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is Nopon Doubloon and what is its use.

What is Nopon Doubloon

Nopon Doubloon is like a rare currency in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 just like the regular currency G – Coin. This currency comes in two forms, Silver Nopon Doubloon & Gold Nopon Doubloon. The reason why it is rare is that you can only get Nopon Doubloons in a very small amount. It is hard to come by and you’ll be able to find it after the 4th chapter of the game in Fornis Region. There are many containers spread out in the Fornis Region and by obtaining these containers, you’ll get a small amount of Nopon Doubloons.

There are also Unique Monsters in the Fornis Region from which you can get Nopon Doubloons. By defeating one of the unique monsters, you’ll get Nopon Doubloons and also unlock a fast travel point location.

What is the Use of Nopon Doubloon

There are many materials that you get by looting and defeating enemies. You use these materials at the Rest spot to craft the gem or cook the meals. If you don’t have the material, you’ll get the option to use Nopon Doubloons instead of the material. It works as a substitute for material or an ingredient.

What is the Use of Nopon Doubloon

You can also use it to buy rare items and accessories from the Nopon Merchant in the Fornis Region. You can buy the goods with both Silver & Gold Nopon Doubloons from this merchant. You can also use this currency to raise the class levels and complete cards in the Collectopaedia

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