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Digimon Survive: Everything About Digivolution



Digimon Survive: Everything About Digivolution

Digimon Survive is a tactical Role-Playing game with survival elements. Players will play through the story and fight with other Digimon in matches. As players play through the story, they’ll get to know that the Digimon can be evolved and their strength and power will increase when they evolve. The Evolution of Digimon in this game is known as Digivolution.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the Digivolution in Digimon Survive.


The Digivolution of the Digimon can be progressed in two ways. Either by consuming special evolution items or while fighting in the battle. Players will see both of these evolution techniques while playing through the story. The Digimon and a Human will have a special bond that will help Digimon to evolve during the battle and become more powerful. One of the evolution items that can you find in the game is Mature Enlightenment Slabs.

The Digimon that you’ll automatically befriend by playing through the story will evolve around according to the main story of the game and the players would be able to select their evolved forms in the battle for a set amount of SP. The Digimon that you befriend in the Free Battles will evolve by using the evolution items. After you’ve used an evolution item on the Digimon then that Digimon won’t return to their normal form so, if you want to digivolve a Digimon then you have to think carefully that which Digimon you want to evolve and use the evolution item because evolution items do not come easy.

In order to digivolve a Digimon, you can open the “Stats” menu and go to the Digimon category and go to the Evolution tab. Select the Digimon from there and select the Digivolve form to evolve the Digimon.

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