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Discover the secret ending of Far Cry 6



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We show you how to unlock Far Cry 6’s peaceful alternate ending, so pay attention early in the game.

Far Cry 6 is already on sale on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia, and we know that there are many of you who are liberating Yara from the dictator Antón Castillo and his son.

The Ubisoft video game is huge and full of secrets, so it is likely that in your opening bars you have not paid attention to an element … that unlocks a secret ending.

The first thing we tell you is that this guide contains spoilers from the end of the game. If you have not finished the main plot of Far Cry 6 or do not want to know details of the plot, do not continue reading.

You will be happy to know that the end of the title can be much more peaceful and calm … so follow our instructions to Discover the secret ending of Far Cry 6 .

Discover the secret ending of Far Cry 6

Ubisoft usually includes little hidden endings in the Far Cry saga. Away from conflicting outcomes, these sequences undoubtedly stand out for being much more satisfactory.

Of course, Far Cry 6 also has an ending like that. Of course, to unlock it you have to perform an action in the first bars of the game .

You may have been playing for a few hours now, so you may no longer be able to unlock this ending … but you always have the option to replay the title to find out.

To unlock the secret ending of Far Cry 6 you have to successfully complete the tutorial on the island of Yara. When you finish it, you will have to go to the closest boat that is on the shore.

Basically, you have to try to escape Yara as soon as you finish the tutorial. The world of Far Cry 6 is deep and even fun, but the dictatorship is not something you want to live … why not?

Get on the boat and navigate to the far end of the Far Cry 6 map. A message will appear at the top, advising you that you are leaving the island. Just ignore it.

You will reach a threshold that delimits the island of Yara. Feel free to go through it, and then a hidden sequence will be executed that will get you a big smile. This is life, huh.

Your character in Far Cry 6 will leave the conflict behind. You are simply on a Miami Beach deck chair, drinking beer, while the events that occurred in Yara are announced on the radio … in your absence.

Fortunately, Yara’s revolution triumphs, although it matters little to you. It may not be the best ending ever, but surely all of us would switch to our avatar in Far Cry 6.

Have you already seen this hidden ending of Far Cry 6? If so, you are sure to trade it for the true ending, whatever it may be. At least your character saves Yara’s gunfights and military mayhem.

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