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How to make and use repair kits in New World



How to make and use repair kits in New World

We give you all the steps so that you can create a lot of repair kits in New World that will allow us to repair the weapons and armor in the game.

One of our main concerns in the games to New World has to be to keep all our equipment in perfect condition, and we are not only talking about our weapons but also about the armor that has saved us so many times.

Although unlike other similar titles we can repair our weapons and armor at any time during the game, the truth is that it will require us to use repair parts and also a lot of gold.

Unfortunately, we need a set of repair kits in New World to be able to repair those weapons that are so valuable to us and also those armors that accompany us at all times, and we are going to give you the guidelines below.

How to make and use repair kits in New World

And it is that in New World both weapons and armor degrade as we use them, so we will have to repair them if we do not want to reach a point where we cannot use our weapons and our favorite equipment.

And for this, we are going to need many repair parts and gold. Repair parts are one of the many items that we can recover when we have a surplus. We can, for example, recycle some of the weapons or armor that we no longer use to have a greater number of repair parts.

To do this, simply press the S key and left mouse click at the same time to retrieve or recycle an item in inventory. Realize that the maximum we can knead is 2000 repair parts.

The problem with repair kits comes in several levels and each level requires more repair parts and gold to be created.

Depending on the weapon or armor that we want to repair, we will need a repair kit of a different level. Specifically, these are the different multi-level repair kits that we can create:

  • Tier 2 Repair Kits: 55 Repair Parts
  • Level 3 Repair Kits: 100 Repair Parts
  • Tier 4 Repair Kits: 175 Repair Parts
  • Level 5 Repair Kits: 350 Repair Parts

Once we have the corresponding repair kit, to repair weapons or armor you must click and drag the relevant repair kit to the item that we are going to repair or press the L key and click with the left mouse button on the corresponding item.

In any case, the game will tell you the level of the repair kit you need for each of the repairs to be carried out.

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