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Far Cry 6: Finding Pelicans for “Shock Therapy”



Far Cry 6: Finding Pelicans for "Shock Therapy"

For the Yaran story “Shock Therapy” in Far Cry 6 you should find pelicans to feed in step 2. However, you have to look for the pelicans yourself, as they are not marked on the map. If you have problems doing this, we will tell you the location of the waterfowl at this point.

Locations of pelicans for “shock therapy”

You can do the side mission “Shock Therapy” at the NPC Dr. Accept Yanny Dábolos in the west of the Cruz del Salvador region. He will send you through his very own therapy program. In the first step, you should fish three fish, which you should be able to do without any problems.

In the second step, you should then feed the pelicans with the caught fish. The only help you get here is that pelicans can usually be found on the coast. There is no mission marking or the like.

With a bit of luck, you can find pelicans around the quest giver’s bar, but some don’t always appear here. However, there is a pelican hunting area where you are guaranteed to meet them. It’s a little further afield on the east coast of La Joya. We have marked it for you exactly on the following map:

You can recognize pelicans from afar by their characteristic beaks and, above all, hear them. They waddle along the ground every now and then, then you can approach them. Then press and hold the Square / X button to feed the pelicans.

By the way, you don’t have to find three different pelicans to feed. You can give the same pelican fish 3 times. If you just wait a short moment after each feeding, the feed button will reappear in front of the pelican.

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