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Everdream Valley: How to Track Items with Your Dog



Everdream ValleyHow to Track Items with Your Dog

Tracking is one of the Everdream Valley mechanics that will allow you to find missing items and animals around the world map. It is a very crucial mechanic that players will have to learn in order to progress in the main questline of the game. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Track Items with your Dog in Everdream Valley.

How to Track Items with Your Dog in Everdream Valley

The Tracking mechanic requires Level 3 of your Dog. Meaning, you will have to level up your dog up to Level 3 which is the max level. You can easily Level up Your Dog by Petting him and Playing Fetch with him. Make sure to strengthen your relationship with your dog to train him and increase his level to the max so you can do Tracking with him.

In order to track an item or an animal, you will have to find a relatable item of that item or animal. As an example, if you are out looking for a missing animal, you need to find an item that belongs to that animal. Usually, the item will be given to you by talking to the characters so make sure to check your inventory for the Tracking Item. Now, in order to get the interest of your Dog in the Tracking, you will have to give a Dog Treat to him. The Dog Treats are given to you by your Grandfather in one of the main quests of the game.

When you give the treat, a Question Mark Symbol will appear on Dog’s head. When this happens, you need to equip the relatable item and press the Track option to start tracking. The Dog will start tracking and make his way to the missing animal or item and you will have to follow him. However, you would have to keep the relatable item out in your hand. Do not switch the item as it will make the dog lose interest in finding the missing animal or item.

Everdream ValleyHow to Track Items with Your Dog

Keep going behind your Dog until he finds the missing item or animal and then you can bring the item or animal back to the farm. You will have to do the tracking in various quests of the game and you will also unlock the tutorial of this mechanic when you get the quest of finding Willow.

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