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Far Cry 6: Find all 3 Triada relics for “Triada Blessings” (Get the best Supremo)



Far Cry 6: Find all 3 Triada relics for "Triada Blessings" (Get the best Supremo)

The Yara story “Triada-Blessing” is probably the most extensive side mission in Far Cry 6, but upon completion, it also rewards you with the most powerful weapon supremo combo from Triador and La Varita as well as the Amigo Oluso. In this guide, we show you all the locations of the 3 Triada relics and a walkthrough for the side mission.

Start side mission “Triada Blessing”

You can start the Yaranic story “Triada-Blessing” by exploring the Oluwa Cave on the starting island Santuario. Read the document on the ground at the ritual place in the cave so that you can get the mission entry.

However, you can also start looking for the three Triada relics directly, as you have to place all three relics in the Oluwa Cave at the end to complete the mission. So on your first visit you can’t do much in the cave, but you can already open two chests to the left of the ritual space that contain two parts of the Triada outfit. You can get the other three parts from the relic locations.

Find Ida’s Triada relic

You can get the first relic from the treasure hunt “Idas Triada-Relict” in the northern region of Madrugada near Valle de las Monjas in the Lozanía district. Here you have to use your climbing hook to climb the mountain in front of you and then find a way to the relic via various zip lines in the cave.

In the chest next to the relic you will also find the headgear “Ídaszeichen” as part of the Triada outfit.

Find Okús Triada relic

You can get the second relic in the treasure hunt “Okús Triada-Relict” in the central region of Valle de Oro near Llanura de Arroz in the district of Cruz del Salvador. Here you have to solve various puzzles in the haunted Fort Oro to get to the relic.

After entering the fort, first go into the right room and shoot the mirror, which is the only one that does not break by itself, to reveal a switch that you have to press.

Then go back to the foyer and enter the now open room to the left of the stairs. First press the button in the middle, then the button on the left and finally the button on the right to open the room on the upper floor.

Examine the document on the piano in the middle so that a melody is played that causes the cupboard behind it to slide and reveal a secret room. There you will find the dungeon key

You can use the key by the cellar door on the ground floor. Go down the stairs and shoot the wooden boards that block the adjoining room. Here, press the switch at the end of the room to blow the grille on the fountain outside.

Jump down into the well and then use the climbing hook to swing to the ledge in the cave where you can pick up the second relic. On the other side of the cave, you will find a box with the leg clothing “Okús Redemption”.

Find Mimo Abosi’s Triada relic

You can get the third relic in the treasure hunt “Mimo Abosis Triada-Relic” in the southern region of El Este at the Catalina ridge in the La Joya district. Here you have to enter McKay Global’s drilling site D.

Shoot the lock on the door and turn left at the first junction to take the key card to the ventilation room from the floor.

Since the water in the cave is electrified, first go outside and destroy the orange generator with explosives or a rocket launcher. Then dive down into the cave and use the key card at the locked door on the left in the next cave.

Press the switch here to activate the fans so that they drive away from the poison. Then you can go through the lattice door and rope your way down to the relic with the climbing hook. Here you will also find a box with the “Mimo Abosis Mirage” footwear.

Place relics in Oluwa Cave and complete Triada Blessings

Return to Oluwa Cave with all three relics and place them at the mission marker. Then the cave wall collapses behind it and you come to a large open cave.

Here open the chest in the middle to receive the Supremo “Triador” and the rifle “La Varita”. When you activate Triador, you will be shrouded in fog and all enemies will be highlighted in red. During this phase, you can even shoot enemies through walls with La Varita and kill them faster.

To complete “Triada Blessing” all you have to do now is defeat the Oluwas Guardian Spirit. This is the Amigo Oluso, who will join you permanently after the fight. Revive him after the fight to complete the side mission and unlock one of the trophies and achievements of Far Cry 6 with “The Ancient Tradition”.

By the way: By finding the relics you unlock all the markings of Oluwa’s idols in the respective region on the map. If you interact with them, you will get 50 XP for your rank every time.

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