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Far Cry 6: How to get the wingsuit to fly through the skies



Far Cry 6: How to get the wingsuit to fly through the skies

Far Cry 6 offers a huge variety of options when it comes to moving through the paradise of Yara, but of course one of the favorites for many is sure to be flying through the skies as if we were a bird thanks to the air suit. This suit can be unlocked by fulfilling a specific requirement, but it may be overlooked if you don’t know how to get hold of it.

No need to worry. Next, we are going to explain what you must do to get the wingsuit in Far Cry 6. It is quite simple.

How to unlock the wingsuit in Far Cry 6?

  • You must advance enough in the story to clear the main missions of Sanctuary Island , the first region of Yara.
  • Once this is done, you can visit the rest of the regions of the map and you will have to travel to one of the three main camps located in Madrugada, Valle de Oro or El Este .
  • You can go to any of these three camps. You must go to one of them and talk to the character in charge of the construction table (the camp improvements).
  • In the menu of the construction table you must select one of the two available spaces of the camp and then make the position of the Network of hiding places (the first one in this menu).
  • Once the Hideaway Network is made, you will automatically receive the wingsuit in your inventory and can use it forever from now on.

Keep in mind that to make the Network of hiding places in a camp you will need to invest a total of 30 metals and 30 gasoline. These materials can be easily obtained by looting military areas, for example, and it will not take you long to get them. By the time you get to your first main camp, you should already have those amounts, which take approximately 1 to 2 hours of playtime.

How to wear the airsuit?

The wingsuit is a great tool when navigating the entire Yara map. You do not need to equip it from the menu or anything like that, once you have achieved it you will always have it available when you fall from a great height (such as a parachute).

  • That is, when you jump into the void you will see at the bottom of the screen the icon and the corresponding button to open the wetsuit (on consoles the default button is to press the left joystick inwards ).

Remember that also when you fast travel to an unlocked location, you will be given the option to do it by jumping directly with the wingsuit. This will make you appear already flying over the place with the suit and is one of the fastest ways to travel around the entire map (something very useful if you are looking for collectibles, for example).

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