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Far Cry 6: How To Get A Tank And Keep It Forever



Far Cry 6: How To Get A Tank And Keep It Forever

Of all the special vehicles and transports that Far Cry 6 has, few come close to the unrivaled magic of putting yourself at the controls of a military tank. We are talking about bigger words, since with a bug like this, blowing everything up in the air is a piece of cake. But of course, it is not that it is a small feat to get one on the dangerous island of Yara.

In this entry of our guide, we are going to easily explain to you how you can get a tank as quickly as possible in Far Cry 6; We’ll tell you where to steal one and how to save it right away to keep it forever in your game, so you can use it whenever you want.

How to get a military tank in Far Cry 6 quickly

Getting a military tank “quickly” in Far Cry 6 has its crumb. Actually, you will not be able to get a tank until you complete the first main missions of Sanctuary Island (you should know that for this you will need between 1 and 2 hours of play, approximately). When you manage to advance in this part of the story and unlock full access to the other regions of Yara, then you can go for a tank.

That said, with access to all Yara regions available, one of the first tanks you can get relatively easily is the Petrov HS-100 B 1944 .

  • This tank is located in a FND base, specifically in the base “2nd Division. Armored of the FND” .
  • The base is located in the Madrugada region, in the Lozanía area (northeast),

You can go directly to this place to get this tank, even if you don’t have the required level for it yet. It is not a specially defended base, and although it has 3 security alarms that we recommend disconnecting, any player who is a bit skilled and who sneaks into the place will be able to eliminate all the guards without creating many scandals.

If you do it right, by killing all the guards without the alarms going off you will capture the base and, in addition, you will get the Petrov HS-100 B 1944 tank, since it should be intact and parked in the base warehouse.

Alternative method to get a tank

If the previous method that we have given you does not convince you at all, you can also get a tank in an alternative and somewhat safer way. This can be done by performing two side missions, also located in the Madrugada region.

  • The first mission is titled “A great robbery” and consists precisely in stealing a military tank from a facility.
  • This mission is given to you by Zenia Zayas if you visit it at the Mural de la Triada, a location located in the Lozanía area, southwest of Valle Fuego.

During this mission that we mentioned you will be able to steal a tank, the Petrov HS-100 1944. After that, the second mission with Zenia in the same location titled “Heavy Metal” will be unlocked. Simply complete this second mission and the tank will be yours forever.

Obviously, there are more ways to get a tank in Far Cry 6 (mainly they can be obtained from military bases by stealing one), but these two methods that we have explained here are probably the easiest and fastest to perform.

What to do to conserve a tank?

As with the vast majority of vehicles you get in Far Cry 6, stolen tanks can be lost forever if you don’t store them properly. In order to keep a military tank (and any other stolen vehicle) be sure to take it to a vehicle collection point when you get on it. These dots are green on the map and have a car icon. Vehicles you get as quest rewards are stored immediately, but those stolen by the world are not.

For example, in the case mentioned in this article, if you capture the base of the 2nd Division. Armored from the FND and you manage to leave the Petrov HS-100 B 1944 tank intact, we recommend that you get on the transport and move it immediately to the vehicle collection point at the base itself. By placing it above the blue marks on the ground, the tank will be registered in your vehicle inventory and from then on you can claim it from any vehicle point whenever you want.

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