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New World: Players are annoyed by the missing minimap – build one yourself



New World: Players are annoyed by the missing minimap - build one yourself

New World does some things differently than classic MMORPGs. That is why players from WoW or GW2 miss one or the other comfort function. This includes, for example, a mini-map on which you can get the most important information on the large map. It bothered two players so much that they built one of their own.

What did the two players do? The Reddit user mobrid has posted a short video in which he presents a mini-map. He and a friend made these together.

They placed the map just above the skills and integrated the details there that would otherwise be found on the normal map. You can almost always see a small section of the map without having to open the large map.

Is such a map really necessary? For some players, yes, because they are annoyed about the maps in cities. If you are looking for a trading post or a crafting station, you will find detailed information on the map. However, this always automatically zooms far outside.

That is why the user mobrid titled the thread “I always lose track of where things are in cities”.

So if you want to find your way around quickly, you first have to open the large map and then zoom in. This tedious work is superfluous with the minimap. It also shows all crafting materials in the area.

Is the map legal? That has not yet been clarified exactly. The Overwolf program is used for the map, where you can also download the minimap. Overwolf puts additional graphics on top of the game for the player only. So the client is not modified.

However, as with many other MMORPGs, the Terms of Service for New World are rather vague on this point.

There it says, for example: “Do not cheat or use any software or services that give you an unfair advantage, e.g. B. by unattended play or game changes. ” ( via Amazon ). Here you can debate whether the map gives an “unfair advantage” or not.

There is no guarantee that you will not be banned from such a minimap.

How is the map arriving? The minimap thread received over 4,500 upvotes, making it one of the most successful in the New World subreddit. Many users celebrate the implementation of the minimap and would like Amazon to take action itself and implement something similar.

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