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Far Cry 6: The Easter egg that you will only discover if you know Morse code



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You will only be able to decipher this secret if you know Morse code, although we already tell you exactly what it says so that you can go directly to discover it.

It has been a long time to wait until Far Cry 6 has finally come on the market, and Ubisoft has not disappointed in this regard, with one of the best titles in the saga and that as usual is full of secrets and Easter eggs that the players will discover as the weeks go by.

Although we are used to discovering a series of Easter eggs that nod to other licenses, the truth is that sometimes the odd developer decides to leave his personal touch within the code, and this has happened with Far Cry 6.

However, this Easter egg is so elaborate that if you do not have a dedicated application on Morse code or you do not have your own knowledge of it, it will go completely unnoticed and you would never have discovered it, but luckily the community of players has already intervened.

Far Cry 6: The Easter egg that you will only discover if you know morse

And it seems that someone from the Ubisoft development team has wanted to leave their mark forever, in the form of a Morse code that we do not know if they have entered it secretly or have had the acceptance of their superiors, but it is really curious.

According to a player of the game, Morse code has been discovered at a powerhouse in the game, and it seems left behind by former Ubisoft sound designer Cameron Britton.

Basically, the Morse code has no greater mystery but it goes on to say that ” Cameron Britton is the best sound designer of all time “, undoubtedly a way to promote himself for future work.

It has been a few days ago that a former Ubisoft developer included a tribute to his cat in the form of murals scattered throughout the open world of Yara, with which it seems that several developers have wanted to leave their printing company with something personal in the code of the play.

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