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Far Cry 6 solves puzzles around Vaas fan theory but raises many new questions



Far Cry 6 solves puzzles around Vaas fan theory but raises many new questions

Far Cry 6 is here and it answers a few questions, but also asks many new ones at the same time. For example, it should now be finally clear that Diego will not later become Vaas from Far Cry 3. At least that’s what fans had suspected for a long time. But a post-credit scene from Far Cry 6 finally makes it clear that it can’t be. But that doesn’t necessarily make it better, it makes it a little more confusing. We look at what all of this could mean.

Far Cry 6 has a post-credits scene and you can hear that in it

There is nothing to see: please go on, there is nothing to see here. Joking aside, we can hear something about that. In the scene that plays out after the credits for Far Cry 6, we can hear Juan Cortez talking to a smuggler. It’s about selling Viviro. Juan wants to supply the smuggler with the miracle cure.

Big Vaas comeback? The piquant detail of this scene: The smuggler is none other than Vaas Montenegro, the charismatic, unpleasant, and cult villain from Far Cry 3. He doesn’t tell anything that would be really exciting, but at least he appears and mentions also Diego, the son of Far Cry 6 villain Anton Castillo.

The fan theory around Vaas and Diego cannot be correct

Theory overturned: First of all, it is noticeable that this should be a clear rejection of the fan theory, which caused a sensation a few months ago. They assumed that Far Cry 6 will play before the events of Far Cry 3 and that Diego will develop into Vaas. Which of course can’t be when Vaas is talking about Diego like that here.

What does that mean? The question remains, of course, what this is all about and how the games relate to each other. Because actually, Vaas dies in the course of the plot of Far Cry 3 . Maybe that’s just not true and he survived the story after all, or Far Cry 6 is set shortly before the events of Far Cry 3. Or else, and now it’s getting really complicated, it means something completely different.

When Vaas returns for Far Cry 7 or something else, things get really messy

Alternative timelines, anone? The events of the different Far Cry games can no longer really be related to each other. At least the new, modern Far Cry 6 setting doesn’t really fit together with the events of Far Cry 5 and the subsequent, post-apocalyptic New Dawn. Either both exist side by side or are somehow separate from each other.

That would also enable about everything Ubisoft could do with the legendary Far Cry 3 villain Vaas. If nothing has to be logically related to anything else anyway, it doesn’t matter whether Vaas actually died or what theoretically should have happened before which other part.

Apparently, only one thing is certain: Far Cry 6 is teasing some kind of return from Vaas in this scene after the credits. However, this should have nothing to do with the DLCs of the Season Pass, in which we not only meet Vaas but also Pagan Min and Joseph Seed – because they are supposed to function as a kind of video game within the world of FC6. So Vaas may return for his own DLC or even in Far Cry 7.

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