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Criticism of Server Transfers in New World – Some players are pissed off, demanding money back



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New World announced free server transfers. These have now shifted and there is another catch: Regions cannot be changed. In the eyes of some players, this had been misunderstood beforehand. Now some players are pissed off and are demanding their money back.

This is the situation:

  • A while ago, Amazon promised free character transfers for New World to help groups reunite.
  • From a tweet, players deduced that this will also work across regions: Players thought they could move their characters from the USA to Europe and vice versa.
  • However, this has been refuted – most recently in the new rules on server transfers in the forum .
  • Nevertheless, the players are now angry and feel betrayed.

Misleading tweet about server transfers

This is what Amazon said: In a tweet about New World’s server transfers, a user asked on September 28th whether one could switch from the US to EU servers.

The official New World Twitter account replied, “Yes, you can move between regions if you want.”

Shortly after the server transfer rules were published, there was another FAQ post on the official forum. There it says: “Transfers are only possible in your region. Each region has a separate database and it is not possible to assign characters to a new region. ”You can also find this statement in our article on server transfers.

The curious thing: Actually, that was exactly what was already clear. Shortly after the tweet was published, which promised you could play in other regions, the statement was corrected in the forum by Customer Service Camulos.

It was already stated there that there was no system for changing regions.

“You have to fix that”

This is how the players react: After the statement was clarified again and Amazon even admits that the original announcement to change regions was wrong, there was an outcry in the community.

Several fans complained that they could now forget their characters. There are even horrific insults, most of which have already been deleted. The thread in the forum now has over 950 replies and there is also discussion on Twitter.

Some players may have started in a different region under the wrong premise. They obviously wanted to bypass the long queues and start playing in order to switch later.

But that is not possible now. @ Washy_88 explains on Twitter , “We started characters in North America because of that statement. We have to go back to the EU. We were just [on NA] because of the ridiculous queues in the EU and you said we could switch regions. You have to fix that. “

Some players are now announcing that they want to return “Refunds”, New World, and get their money back (via forums.newworld ).

How did the misunderstanding come about? Apparently, the tweet meant that players could play in any region – which is also possible without any problems. Every player in Europe can create new characters on US servers and vice versa.

Only the transfer is not possible. It looks like this information was too well hidden so that now some players are quite angry. This adds another problem to those that New World is already facing.

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