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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Fast Travel



Fire Emblem Engage: How to Fast Travel

Fire Emblem Engage is a Role-Playing Tactical Game in which players will get to play as a Divine Dragon. Players will have to rescue the land of Elyos from the Corrupted enemies and the Fell Dragon. Players will get to explore different lands and towns after clearing every stage of the battle in the exploration mode. However, players can also use Fast Travel in Fire Emblem Engage after a certain point in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to fast travel in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fast Traveling Across Somniel

Fire Emblem Engage has a Fast Traveling System that will allow players to fast travel to different locations on the base of the Divine Dragon. The main base of your character is Somniel which players will reach after the Third Chapter: Hostilities. Once you have reached Somniel, you will begin your next chapters from this area. After every chapter, you will get to explore and manage different things in Somniel before you get to start the next chapter.

As you progress further in the game, you will unlock different characters which can provide you with different benefits for your journey. After clearing the third chapter, you will unlock fast travel inside Somniel. As Somniel itself does not look very big but all the characters are on random spots so, you will have to go around the area very frequently.

To fast travel in Somnie, go to the Café Terrace on the North of the Somniel. Once you are inside the café, go to the left side of the café and you will see a Yellow Sign on a table. It will be the Bulletin Board. Interact with it and you will see all the operations that you can perform by accessing the Bulletin Board. One of the actions that you can perform is Fast Traveling.

  • Select the Somniel Map option on Bulletin Board.
  • You will see all the current unlocked locations on Somniel Map.
  • As you change through the locations, you will also see the characters in those locations. If you are looking for a specific character then you can find it through Somniel Map.
  • Select the location you want to fast travel to by pressing the A button.
  • Press the A button again to confirm the Fast Travel and you will get to the selected location.
Fire Emblem Engage: How to Fast Travel

It is useful to quickly get to the farther areas of Somniel Map.

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