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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Get Bond Rings



Fire Emblem Engage: How to Get Bond Rings

Fire Emblem Engage has many different types of weapons and items in the game that players will get as they progress through the main story of the game. One of the most important items in the game is Rings and there are two types of rings in the game. One is Emblem Rings which players will get even from the start of the game and the other one is Bond Rings. Bond Rings are somewhere similar to Emblem Rings but they are not strong as Emblem Rings.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage.

Getting Bond Rings

Bond Rings are similar to Emblem Rings but they are not stronger as Emblem Rings. It does give additional Stats and Passive Skills to the Divine Dragon but it does not let you engage with the Bond Ring like the Emblem Ring. The Bond Ring also has tiers and it goes from Rank C to Rank S. Rank C is the lowest rank of the Bond Ring and Rank S is the highest rank of the Bond Ring. However, the ranks can be changed by upgrading or melding the Bond Rings which can all be done at the “Ring Chamber” on Somniel.

You will unlock Ring Chamber after progressing in the main story of the game and once you have unlocked it, you will be able to craft the Bond Rings. Bond Rings can only be crafted as they are not a world spawn or drop the item in the game. You cannot find them from the enemies or anywhere on the map. You will only be able to craft them with Bond Fragments. You will start getting Bond Fragments from the second chapter of the game and you will find them while in the Exploration Phase, completing the objectives, exploring the Somniel, or completing the chapters.

1 Bond Ring will be crafted with 100 Bond Fragments. While crafting the Bond Ring, you will get a Cond Ring of a random tier. You can get it from rank C to rank S. However, you can upgrade the Bond Rings to a higher rank also with Bond Fragments. But upgrading or melding the Bond Rings will cost fewer Bond Rings. For example, you can meld a number of Rank C Bond Rings and they will turn out as Rank B or Rank A Bond Rings.

Bond Rings are useful in the early chapters of the game because you will have fewer Emblem Rings. When you make progress in the game and equip more Emblem Rings, the use of Bond Rings will go lower and you will not need them anymore. But they are useful in the early game to progress in the main story so, you do want to get them with the Bond Fragments as soon as you unlock Ring Chamber.

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