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First steps at level 50 in Lost Ark



First steps at level 50 in Lost Ark

We explain here what to do once you reach level 50 on Lost Ark. Launched in preview on February 8 in the West, Lost Ark is a real success. However, you must probably be slightly lost on the immensity of the content. So, if you have just reached level 50 or you may be getting there soon, you are wondering what to do in the game. Let’s take a look at the priorities to be accomplished.

Update: This guide is current as of Tuesday, February 15.

What to do once you reach level 50 on Lost Ark?

You have probably just chained long hours of quests on previous continents. Upon reaching level 47-50, you should have finished Anich and started the Artheline continent. We invite you to complete the continent on which you started the questline until the main quest asks you to go to Bern.

The rest of the content will take place on the mainland of Bern and more particularly in Bern-Nord. Go there by boat, advance in the quest which brings you to the Castle-Bern. First, start by setting this town as your return point, you’re going to have a great time here.

The Quest for Awakening

If you continue with your main quest, at some point an alternate quest will ask you to return to Trixion to see Beatrice.

Go there and you will unlock a quest chain allowing you to obtain your first Awakening skill. It’s a destructive skill with a multi-minute CD requiring you to expend a Chaos Fragment with each use. Luckily, you can buy Chaos Fragments from a general supply vendor in Chateau-Bern for a few coins.

In addition to your first Awakening skill, this questline will also unlock your last level 50 ability.

Chaos Dungeons

Continue your adventure in Bern. The further you progress in the main quest, the more content you will unlock in the game. The first major content to unlock is the Chaos Dungeons. This is a daily activity that you can do twice to collect important components aimed at increasing the iLvl of your equipment. And the iLvl of your equipment defines your progress in the game and what you can unlock.

Chaos Dungeons will already give you a rare iLvL 250 base stuff. It is this stuff that will define your first steps in PvE. Beyond the equipment, you will especially recover components that will be essential to you and especially the:

  • Fragments of harmony
  • Harmonious leap stones
  • Fragments of guardian stone
  • Fragments of stone of destruction

These components will be used to refine your equipment and therefore, raise it to iLvl, which will unlock the following levels of PvE where you will have to farm components again, etc.

Chaos Dungeons are unlimited, but you can only do them twice a day to drop important components. If you run out of Echo Aura (consumes 50 per dungeon and recharges 100 per day), you can still go to Chaos Dungeons, but you can only pick up alternate components: Perception Fragments and the crystals of disorder.

These materials can be exchanged with a merchant a few meters away to recover limited components per week. Don’t hesitate to empty the merchant every week.

The Guardian Raid

If you still continue your main quest on Bern, you will have to complete a new alternative quest asking you to go to a small island in the north of the continent. This little quest will introduce you to Guardian Raids.

You should know the first Guardian Raid requires a slightly higher item level than the first Chaos Dungeon. The first level requires to be 302.

For this, you will have to increase the iLvl level of your equipment to 250 by refining it with the components found in your first chaos dungeons. These raids basically give you the same as Chaos Dungeons. They are also limited to twice a day if you want to collect useful components.


You’ll unlock the Tower by completing another quick questline in Bern.
The Tower isn’t strictly speaking required content, but it will provide you with quite a few interesting items in your early levels, including carving books, potions, and even stat potions. If you have multiple characters, that’s a fair amount of resources to collect without too much difficulty.

As you can see, tower tiers are limited based on your iLvl. The more you increase your equipment level, the more levels you will unlock. The challenges can be different in stages.

You will have to for example:
– Kill all the enemies of the level
– Kill the boss of the level
– Survive the enemies

The cube

The Cube is another content you unlock by completing a questline in Bern.
You can only access it by invitation. An invitation that you can randomly pick up from a Chaos Dungeon.

The Cube is made up of levels, much like the tower. The more you advance in the levels, the more interesting the final reward is. At each level, you will suffer a random buff and debuff. The reward will be set by the rarity of the final chest. Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc…

Una’s Tasks

Una’s tasks are unlocked once you reach level 50. They are simply daily and weekly quests to complete to collect useful components. You can only do 3 per day and 3 more per week.

Most of the quests will require you to wander around the game map. Don’t neglect them though, they have wasted resources if you ignore them. Don’t forget to use your Bifrot to move faster if needed.

Improve your gear level in Lost Ark

The heart of the game of Lost Ark depends on your level of equipment. You will be limited in too advanced content asking you to increase your iLvl to continue. And as you have read in the different parts of this article, each content allows you to obtain components for the improvement of your equipment. So complete the daily and weekly content of the game and you will go up little by little.

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