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Fort Solis: How to Get Level 3 Access Card



Fort Solis: Level 3 Access Card

Fort Solis is a big facility with several stations in it and to access them, players will have to gain access to a certain Access Level. Progressing in the main story will require a Level 3 Access Card in Chapter 2 so that players can access the Maintenance Unit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a Level 3 Access Card in Fort Solis.

How to Get a Level 3 Access Card in Fort Solis

The Level 3 Access Card is located in the Drill Bay room in the B1 area. Players will have to go down to the B1 area and access the Drill Bay Room which will require a Level 2 Access Card. Go through the tunnel to reach the Drill Bay room. There will be three different rooms in the Drill Bay Room. One will be Drill Bay Hangar which will be the main objective, one will be the bathroom, and the last one will be Nick’s room.

Go to the Bathroom and look on the wall to find an i5 Unit. Collect the i5 Unit and go out of the Bathroom. Place the i5 Unit on the console to gain access to Nick’s Room. Go inside the Room to find the Level 3 Access Card. Interact with it to upgrade the Access Level to 3.

After that, players will be able to open the Drill Bay Hangar door and progress further in the story.

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