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Halo Infinite – campaign, how long?



Halo Infinite - campaign, how long?

The developers responsible for Halo Infinite put a lot of emphasis on the story campaign. Fans of the brand can play the role of the Master Chief again and save the world from the dangers lurking at every step. As promised earlier, the plot is divided into several main missions with the possibility of performing side activities.

When talking about additional plot elements, one must, first of all, distinguish side quests (including all kinds of challenges), as well as collectibles that not only expand knowledge about the game world but also allow you to unlock new, cosmetic items in the Halo Infinite online mode.

Thanks to optional tasks and a semi-open world, the story campaign in Halo Infinite is fun for several dozen hours. This time will be shortened or lengthened if we properly deal with only the main plot or want to squeeze 100% of the plot.

  • The main plot itself, consisting of 14 main missions, lasts from 7 to 8 hours;
  • The main plot plus the performance of a few side activities is about 10-12 hours of gameplay;
  • It will take approximately 20 hours to complete the optional objectives and the storyline.

Looking at the length of the main plot in the previous installments of the series, 8 hours of pure story campaign is a satisfying result. Add calls for help or outposts that players can capture, Halo Infinite lasts for almost a day.

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