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Halo Infinite – Team, how to play with a friend?



Halo Infinite - Team, how to play with a friend?

Halo Infinite is a game designed primarily for online gameplay. The production also tastes great in multiplayer when your branch consists of friends – this facilitates quick communication and planning activities on the map. So how do we play together?

Just go to the multiplayer game and click the plus sign next to the “team” section. This will take you to the management center of your team, from which you can invite other players to your session. Halo Infinite supports cross-play, so you can also invite those who use other platforms. However, remember to enable this feature from the game settings.

Another option for having fun together is creating custom gameplay that is accessible from the main game level. Select the mode you are interested in, invite your friends to join it (you can also edit the rules of the game – including the number of lives, types of weapons or gadgets, etc.), and select the team to which you are to be assigned. After the match starts, you will be assigned a server for the duration of the game.

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