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Halo Infinite: Earn XP Quickly – This is the ideal way to level up your Battle Pass



Halo Infinite: The Best Expert Tips for Better Performance

It may take some time to level up from the Battle Pass in Halo Infinite Multiplayer. We’ll show you how to get the XP you need quickly.

Kirkland, Washington – Gamers who like to take Battle Passes to the max should grit their teeth at Halo Infinite. The multiplayer for the shooter from 343 Industries and Microsoft is already playable as a public beta and will start with its own Battle Pass at over 100 levels. But this takes some time until you have brought it to the highest level. To save you valuable time, here are a few tips on how you can earn XP quickly in Halo Infinite.

Name of the gameHalo Infinite
ReleaseDecember 08, 2021
editorMicrosoft Game Studios
developer343 Industries
platformXbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC
genreFirst-person shooter

Halo Infinite: Earn XP Fast – Haha, Challenges go brrrr

What do weekly challenges bring? Currently, weekly challenges are the main way to earn XP for your Battle Pass. You have three weekly challenges that are active at the same time (four with a Premium Pass), which consist of simple requirements. Each of the Halo Infinite weekly challenges rewards you with 200 XP for the Battle Pass.

  • Kill enemy Spartans
  • Kill an opposing Spartan with [Weapon XY]
  • Complete a match of [Mode XY]

If you have completed all weekly challenges, Halo Infinite gives you a so-called Capstone Challenge. This works as the last, biggest challenge for the week and requires you to headshot 15 opposing Spartans. The Capstone Challenge doesn’t bring you XP, but instead rewards you with an ultimate reward – for example, the Sigil Mark VII Visor.

Are there any other challenges? In addition to the weekly challenges, Halo Infinite also has daily challenges. The daily challenges mostly consist of simply completing a set number of matches, but can also require criteria. In contrast to the weekly challenges, these challenges only bring you 100 XP. With an update for Halo Infinite, the multiplayer challenges will soon be revised again.

Halo Infinite: Earn XP Fast – Spend to Earn

Is it even faster? 100 or 200 XP is unfortunately not that much when it comes to leveling up from the Battle Pass. After all, Halo Infinite requires you to earn 1000 XP in order to level up and there is no basic XP per match played. You can push these numbers even higher with XP boosts. You can get the boosts by leveling up in the Battle Pass and they only last 30 minutes, but give you double XP for each completed challenge.

Finally, there are XP grants, which you will also receive from the Battle Pass. In contrast to the boosts, the grants do not give you a bonus over time, but instead, credit you with a lot of XP when you use them. Practical, and so you avoid at least as brazen traps in Halo Infinite as the level servers of Battlefield 2042.

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