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Halo Infinite – Grenades and special items, how exactly to throw?



Halo Infinite - Grenades and special items, how exactly to throw?

Grenades help in combat in Halo Infinite. After each respawn, you will have two regular frag grenades in your pocket, which you can throw at will. You aim the mouse cursor as usual, but remember that while throwing and jumping at the same time, your throwing power increases and the gadget can reach even high-altitude objects.

In addition to this method of throwing, also remember about the surroundings. If the enemy is in an adjacent building, you can deflect the grenade from, for example, a wall or ceiling. Frag grenades (other types, e.g. electric ones, take a little more time, but have a larger blast radius) have this feature that they detonate about 2 seconds after landing on the ground, so the enemy won’t have much time to escape.

Note that there are several types of grenades in the game. As mentioned above, you will always have the fragments with you, but the hero’s pockets are so deep that he can use two types of this type of gadget at the same time. You switch between them with the “N” key. If both slots are full, the picked-up grenade will replace the one you grabbed the last one.

In addition to grenades, there are also all sorts of abilities and modifications to facilitate the game. These include damage reduction shields, quick dash, and other such things. You can collect them in specially marked places on the map, as well as from the bodies of enemies – as long as they had this type of gadget in their virtual backpack.

Remember that you lose all your gadgets when you die. So it’s not worth saving them at the last minute – especially in quick matches, where you get killed very often.

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