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Halo Infinite – Slide, climb and jump high, helps?



Halo Infinite - Slide, climb and jump high, helps?

Halo Infinite offers highly mobile characters that can perform a lot of tricks on the battlefield. First of all, you can crouch (left ctrl), and thus hide behind tall objects, which is great for capturing points. Their areas are quite small, and standing still, you are exposing yourself to snipers.

The second important thing about Halo Infinite is the ability to slide. When is the best time to do them? Being in an open area. There is no shortage of so-called campers and people waiting to be exposed to attack, and by running without dodging (in this case, slide tackles) you become an easy target. Slides are also useful during very close clashes, to sneak past the opponent’s legs.

The third element of this chapter, i.e. climbing the objects, is very simple – just go to the window or platform that interests you and then click the spacebar. All you have to do is get close to the indicated object and you will see the climbing animation.

Of course, jumping is the most important thing in all of this. Compared to other shooters in Halo Infinite, you can use this element to get to high places without the help of other people. If you think that you will not get to an object, throw that thought out of your head and go to find, for example, a garbage can that will extend your flight in the direction you are interested in.

It is important to take a run-up before starting your jump. Thanks to this, you will take off better and you will overcome the given area faster when you are above. This is also useful for avoiding shots, although if you find yourself in an open area – it is more profitable to perform the above-mentioned slides in such cases.

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