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Halo Infinite – melee combat, how to activate, is it profitable?



Halo Infinite - melee combat, how to activate, is it profitable?

While participating in Halo Infinite games, you will notice that some enemies, being close to you, gradually deal considerable damage to you. This is not a modification or a special skill, but normal melee combat that you activate in the PC version by pressing the F key.

At this point, you will start swinging and hitting other enemies with your elbow, jumping towards them at the same time. However, you have to point your mouse cursor at the opponent – otherwise, the blow will not come and you will lose a precious second before the hero you control will regain full efficiency.

Hand-to-hand combat should only be used when attacking from behind - with such a hit, the enemy loses all armor and becomes an easy target. If you push into combat all the time, you can also use it in close combat, but rifles are more powerful.

It is not worth trying to force this type of fight by, for example, running up to the enemy (shortening the distance to him). In Halo Infinite, it is best to use all sorts of weapons that will allow you to fight at a distance – close combat is only an accessory that you can only be interested in as a last resort, in the most critical situations.

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