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Halo Infinite – radar, mini-map, how to recognize the threat?



Halo Infinite - radar, mini-map, how to recognize the threat?

During the clashes in Halo Infinite, you will be accompanied by the innovative radar located at the bottom left of the screen. It is not built in a 3D form, so it will not show you e.g. hills that you have to overcome to get to the enemy’s position.

The functionality of the radar is very simple. It shows the position of the enemy and ally in the form of red and blue squares, respectively. On the other hand, the small rectangles (also colored blue and red) on it show which direction you need to go in order to meet your companions and enemies, respectively.

The mini-map is not large, but it is useful, for example, in the flag capture mode. Thanks to the marked positions, you will easily and quickly find out which side to take to join a squad of allies or bypass groups of enemies. The radar is also useful when sneaking because remember that if you see someone on it, it doesn’t always mean that they have your position on their radar marked as well.

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