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Harvestella: How to Earn Money (Grilla)



Harvestella: How to Earn Money (Grilla)

Harvestella is a simulation role-playing game that includes many activities along with progressing the main story of the game. At the early stage of the game, you’ll have not many abilities or items but you’ll be able to get them as you progress in the game. However, players will also be able to buy the items from the General Store in the village for which they’ll be needing Grilla which is the in-game currency of Harvestella.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can earn Grilla in Harvestella through various methods.

Earning Money (Grilla)

Grilla is the main in-game currency that players can trade to get the items for their journey in the world of Harvestella. Players can buy different seeds, Saplings. Backpack upgrades, recipes, and much more from the General Store, and all of them will require a certain amount of Grilla. So, players will have to start earning Grilla right from the start of the game to quickly get the things and items that they’ll be needing. The methods that players can do in Harvestella to earn Grilla are the following.

Sell Grown Crops

In the first chapter of the game, Cres will teach you how to do farming and will give you seeds that you can plant and grow outside your house. Once you’ve planted and watered the seeds, you’ll have to wait a couple of days to fully grow the seeds, and then you can harvest the grown crops. Now, to sell the crops, you need to put the crops that you want to sell in the Shipping Bin which can be found just outside your house.

Once you’ve placed the crops in the Shipping Bin, you’ll have to go to your bed and sleep to finish the day and when you wake up the next day in the morning, you’ll receive Grilla.

Sell the Excess Items

You’ll get many items and resources from mining, gathering, and opening chests in the game and one of the other methods that you can perform is to sell the excess items that you don’t need. Open the inventory to see the excess items that you have in your backpack and then access the Shipping Bin to transfer the excess items to it. After the current day has passed, you’ll get the Grilla for the items that you have placed in the Shipping Bin.

Sell Cooked Meals

You can also sell the cooked meals that you cooked in the kitchen. If you have more ingredients then cook more meals with the ingredients and then place the excess cooked meals in the Shipping Bin to sell them. Cooked Meals sell for more price than raw meat or crops. So, you can earn a good amount of money from selling the meals. But in order to start cooking in the kitchen, you’ll have to get the Kitchen Counter from a Renovator in the village for 2,000 Grilla. After that, you’ll be able to cook the dishes that you have recipes for.

Sell Fish

Fishing is one of the activities that players can perform in Harvestella as well as it can be used to earn Grilla. There are much different fish in Harvestella and they can be found in the different fishing spots in the world of Harvestella. Players can catch the fish by going to the Fishing Spots and then after catching the fish, they can put them in the Shipping Bin to sell them. However, players do need to get the Fishing Skill from the General Store for 800 Grilla. In order to learn the fishing skill and then they’ll be able to catch fish and earn money from them.

Players can easily do these methods from the start of the game to earn money to get all the required skills and items for the journey ahead.

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