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How Book of Coordination Works in Lost Ark PvP



How Book of Coordination Works in Lost Ark PvP

The Book of Coordination is an important element in Lost Ark while playing PvP in Multiplayer. Most of the players use it and take full advantage of it. It also allows you to check your skillset against other players in Lost Ark.

How Book of Coordination Works in Lost Ark PvP

How to Unlock the Book of Coordination

The first thing you have to do is to enter Proving Grounds. Proving Grounds can be accessed in East Luterra. Before that you need to reach level 30 then you will be able to access proving grounds. Means the Arena which is the Lost Ark PvP experience.

How to Unlock the Book of Coordination

Here you can select which match you want to play in-game. You can select the match mode and enter the PvP experience but before that. But before you do it you have the book of coordination right down in the menu.

Make sure to manage all and set before you enter the match. A couple of things you have to keep in mind you can reset these at any time and you can start from pretty much fresh. You have your stats point on the top left corner. Give your correct Specialization, Domination, Swiftness, Endurance, and Expertise. So pretty much certain stats go towards certain classes they will be more beneficial. You can manage these the way you want for your class.

How to Unlock the Book of Coordination

How book of Coordination works

You have your skill tuning which will highlight your services. Click on Services you will be able to see all the abilities you can choose from even your awakening skills. You have to make choices of what abilities you want. Depending on your playstyles like you want more area effect damage or you want more damage single target wise, high DPS, and crowd control depending on what type of playstyle you want in PvP arena.

You have 340 skill points to utilize choose the abilities you want. You have 8 ability points.

How book of Coordination works

Put your ability in ability-point and then manage tripod. Once you put your ability you can choose which skillset you want to open. You can open it by increasing your ability by adding them to your skillset. More ability points you add more skillsets will open to you. Usually, you have two pages of PV unless you pay extra to unlock them but two pages are enough. On these pages, you can manage your class and playstyle.

You can manage your ability and open more skillsets. The more you add more will increase. Once you set the class you are good to go in PvP. Every ability has different effects on the skill set.

For Example, if you increase your skill in Surprise Attack more skill sets will open like Open Weakness, Vital point Hit, and Keen Strike. Skill sets have three levels.

Skill-Set One

  • Open Weakness
  • Vital Point Hit
  • Wide Angle Attack

Skill-Set Two

  • Excellent Mobility
  • Impaired Mobility
  • Keen Strike

Skill-Set Three

  • Trailing Sword Set
  • Merciless Attack
How Book of Coordination Works in Lost Ark PvP

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